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Essential Items: The Handi Reacher

Essential Items: The Handi Reacher

There are many essential items for your daily life which aid independence and help with all those normal daily tasks that may be a struggle at times. One of these items is the Handi Reacher, a great but simple invention which can help with reaching and grabbing things you may need. This tweeter puts across exactly what their Handi Reacher means to them:

@ Mine'd be my long handled grabby thing. I don't know what else to call it, but good for short arses like me! #disabilitygadgets
Paul Carter

Handi Reachers come in a range of different lengths and can be used for all manner of things from picking up your glasses when you drop them on the floor, to reaching out of reach books or DVDs. The original Handi Reacher is also designed with a magnetic head which can pick up small metallic items, for example your keys or a knork and you can actually buy dressing hooks to attach to your Reacher if you need an extra helping hand when getting dressed.

A Handi Reacher in action

The jaw of the Handi Reacher is extremely easy to open and close and doesn’t need a huge amount of pressure which is great if you have dexterity problems and it the jaw can also be rotated 360º which stops you from having to turn your wrists which is extremely beneficial if you have a joint condition.

You can use your Handi Reacher in the home, in the garden or even out and about. It’s a versatile and intuitively designed product which is great for helping around the home but can also be great for garden usage. If you want to pick up loose leaves or waste for your yard, you no longer need to ask for help as your Handi Reacher can be your aid.

There are a range of different reacher brands on the market and finding the one which suits your need is a personal decision. This video shows the range of reachers available from one particular brand:

 If you are interested in see the full  range of handi reachers and grabbers available please click the box

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Long Handled Shoe Horns

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Long Handled Shoe Horns

The low-tech gadgets in our lives are sometimes the most important. Imagine trying to eat without a spoon or drive your car without its wheels for example. When living with disabilities, it is sometimes the most basic design which can make the most difference. Today, we’re looking at long handled shoe horns and how they can make life just that little bit easier.

Why would I need a long handled shoe horn?

A long handled shoe horn is an essential piece of kit if you need a little assistance putting on or taking off your shoes and like this tweeter says, they can be a real lifesaver:

@ After I had back surgery, a long handled shoe spoon was a real lifesaver, as were velcro sneakers. #disabilitygadgets #lowtech
Alice Lynch

An Example of a Long Handled Shoe Horn

Long handled shoe horns are a great idea for anybody who suffers from any sort of joint condition, chronic pain or difficulty bending over. It’s the extra helping hand you need sometimes when you need to get yourself into your shoes and also, after a long day at work or leisure, taking them off again. This informational video shows exactly how one particular brand of long handled shoe horn works:

Once you own a long handled shoe horn, you will wonder how you managed without it and it’s a great way of adding an extra element of independence to your daily routine. Once you’ve worked out the knack of using your shoe horn, you’ll be able to slip in and out of your shoes with ease.

There are a range of different long handled shoe horns on the market, traditional “jockey” style shoe horns are embellished with lots of extras that can make them harder to use so it’s a good idea to look in depth at the product you choose. The price range varies from product to product but you can get a great quality, functional long handled shoe horn for a reasonable price no trouble.

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Low-Tech Lifesavers: Sock Aids

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Sock Aids

There are plenty of extremely simply designed products which can make a significant difference to our daily lives. Maintaining independence is something that everyone deserves and through some basic, low-tech products some tasks which may have been impossible become possible again. One of these tasks is getting your socks on which for some can be a big problem and something they’d previously needed help with, however, with the Sock Aid, help is no longer needed at all.

What are Sock Aids?

As this tweeter puts it, most sock aids are like a half-drainpipe on strings:

@ my nomination for #disabilitygadgets is the 1/2 drainpipe on strings thingy that I put my socks on with
Ted Shiress

There are a wide number of different types of product about which produce the same effect and are available for a range of prices. There are some sock aids which use a stick rather than strings to help with the positioning of the sock. The product is an extremely simple design which performs an essential daily task. Once you have your own you’ll never be without it. As this video demonstrates, sock aids are relatively simple to use:

What do the customers think?

This very simple design which doesn’t need any fabrication or development and it has received rave reviews from its customers. Customers are extremely happy with sock aids and are particularly pleased that they can be used without any need to bend down, avoiding any potential risks or unnecessary pain. It’s great for people who are recovering for major surgery such as hip replacements and others who may suffer from more long-term join related conditions or back pain. Getting used to the process needed to use the aid may take a little time but with handy videos like the ones above, it shouldn’t be long before you’re a sock aid pro.

The range of sock aids available gives you the option to choose one which you believe is right for you. As a very basic product, they’re both cost effective and can make putting your socks on less hassle and trouble than it’s ever been.