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Cool Crutches ideas, Stylish Canes and Glamorous Walking Sticks

Guest Post with some cool crutches ideas

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Trendy Mobility Aids: Sticks, Canes And Crutches For The Discerning Disabled

It can be really hard to find stylish mobility aids. It’s a real shame that so little attention is paid to making crutches and walking sticks that are a little bit more trendy. After all, these are pieces of equipment that people have to use all the time. They shouldn’t be stuck with something dull, clunky, noisy and grey.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more trendy mobility aids that we have found:


Omhu walking sticks

These canes look really cool! They’re beautifully designed and look really vibrant and stylish. They come in a variety of colours and are apparently built to last a lifetime. They weigh 14 ounces and can support up to 300 pounds.

They’re made from a high-strength bicycle-grade aluminum shaft with a hooked birch wood handle. The handle widens in the right places and has a build in rubber strip to make it more comfortable and practical to hold. The shape of the handle also means that the user holds it directly above the tip which means they have increased stability.

The standard Omhu Cane costs £79 plus shipping costs. They come in three sizes depending on the height of the user.

6 coloured walking sticks made by Omhu

Cool Coloured Canes


As well as their standard cane, Omhu have created the Tuxedo – an all black version of their walking cane due to popular demand for a more formal mobility aid. It comes in luxury packaging and the birch handle is stained to make it darker and richer. According to their website: “It is the criminally gorgeous and brooding hero. It is the reflection of a love affair.” This might be a slight overstatement but, whether you agree with that or not, you have to agree it does look very good.

The Tuxedo cane costs £109.

Smart black Tuxedo walking cane from Omhu

Smart Tuxedo Cane from Omhu

Omhu Tuxedo Cane – £109

The final form of Omhu cane is their sports cane which is ostensibly for taking out on hikes and walks. The design is largely the same but  with a matte finish rather than the brighter effect of the standard model.

It’s a fair bit lighter, weighing 9.5 oz. and has a reflective logo, for walking at night. The handle is foam rather than birch wood which makes it more suitable for providing a secure hold on long walks but also makes it a little cheaper (£39.99 plus shipping). It’s not quite as stylish as the standard cane but it is perhaps a little more practical for some people.

Coloured sports canes from omhu

All the Omhu canes look fantastic!

Omhu Sport Cane – £39.99

All the Omhu canes look fantastic and are really creatively designed. It shows that you can do interesting things when designing walking sticks!

Arbin Crutches

Arbin Crutches are great because they are so compact. They’re retractable, so when you are using them they can put aside taking up very little space. It removes the usual problem of your crutches getting in the way and making a unattractive mess, when they aren’t being used. These crutch’s handles slide down from the cuff and up the bottom slides up from the foot of the crutch to the small size of only 67 centimetres. Once folded in it can also be stood up on the handle making it easier to reach as well as being less noticeable. It’s really practical and stylish too!

Arbin crutches also look good when they are at their full height. They’re sleek and cool and they come in bronze or grey. They’re available in the UK at Chic Aid Crutches costing £184 including postage, packaging and VAT.

Graphic showing height adjustable arbin crutches

Height adjustable Arbin Crutches

Arbin Crutches – £184

Folding arbin crutch shown leaning against a chair whilst a man enjoys a date!

Arbin Crutches fold discretely away.

Folds Away Easily And Discreetly

Ossenberg Crutches

These mobility aids have been described as “the Ferrari of crutches”. Ossenberg’s ‘stealth crutches’ are German designed, so you expect efficiency and they don’t let you down. The arm cuff  is one of the most comfortable and well designed on the market. These mobility aids are ultralight, slim and comfortable helping to make their users feel less conscious their disability. They’re really sleek and stylish.

Ossenberg Crutches

Ossenberg crutches are now sold in the UK through Mobility Choices, (an excellent customer focused retailer with a large online range). They have a variety of different designs with open and closed cuffs, different grips and a selection of different colours. Mobility Choices have a range of closed cuff colours that are exclusively sold in the UK. This model costs £49.95 for a pair or £25 each (plus postage). Apparently the most popular colour is the blackberry one below.

Pink and Purple German Crutches

Pink and Purple Ossenberg Crutches are available

Closed Cuff Colours Exclusive To The UK – £25

Crutch with closed cuff

Closed Cuff Crutch

Blackberry Crutch

On top of these great crutches, Arbin have also designed a carbon fibre folding crutch. This looks really cool and can become small and portable. It hasn’t yet been released in the UK but we are led to believe it should become available reasonably soon.

Folding light weight crutch

Lightweight and folding the Ossenberg Carbon Fibre Crutch

Folding Carbon Fibre Crutch – Very Stylish, Easy To Store

Glam Sticks

If you like bling and want to make a bit of a statement with your mobility aids then Glam Sticks is the place to go. In 2011 they were named Mobility Product of the Year. They take no prisoners with their designs – covering the sticks in diamante and sparkles – making everything extravagant and shiny. Glam Sticks look to provide glitz and glamour to go along with your style. They’re particularly good fun for evenings out, providing a bit of glamour to go along with your outfit.

Glittery crutch

Glam Sticks Kaleidoscope Crutch

Kaleidescope Crutch – £57.99

Glam Sticks come in a variety of models and designs with varying prices. The amount you pay is essentially based on how ostentatious you want your stick to be or how much bling you want on your crutches. A fairly basic, but stylish, crutch costs just over £3o. At the top end you can get a Swarovski encrusted walking cane – the ultimate decadent walking stick – for £224.99.

Walking stick with Swarovski crystals embedded

Swarovski Walking Stick – £224.99


Glam Sticks have picked up something of a following amongst injured celebrities, adding to their reputation for providing glitz and glamour. For instance, when Jessie J broke her leg last year, she wore a pair of Glam Sticks to the MTV Awards, giving her the required bling to accompany her style. These aids are great for providing a bit of luxury and sparkle, especially for a night out.

Jesse J Using Glam Sticks

Jesse J at MTV awards

Jessie J Using Glam Stick Crutches

Cool Crutches

Cool Crutches offer people a range of crutches with fun, patterned designs. They also have a washable, removable neoprene squidgy grip which moulds to left and right hands and makes walking a lot more comfortable. They are possibly not quite as light and sleek as some of the other crutches we’ve featured but they are fun, colourful and, well, cool!

Most of the crutches cost £47.50 (not including VAT or shipping) but for £67.50 you can create your own custom design for them.

Cool Crutches in polka do designs

Polka Dots from Cool Crutches

Cool Crutches Designs – prices vary

Ellipse Crutches 

This range offers a good range of block colours which liven up the crutches without becoming too garish. This might be preferable to people who don’t want to make quite as much of a statement, with their crutches, as someone who’d go for a Glam Stick, for instance, but who want to add a splash of colour to them.

You can chose from a variety of main and secondary colours to accompany the black handle. This is good because it means you can design your own crutches to be as bright as you want.

They’re available at Chic Crutches and cost £34.99 (plus VAT and shipping)

Chic Crutches

Nice Colour Range – £34.99



Mobilegs have created an interesting new design of crutch, using a ‘saddle’ instead of a the normal cuff at the crutch’s top. This is supposed to improve mobility, flexibility and comfort for users. They say that since it is so radically different, from traditional crutches, it can’t even be called a crutch but has been named a ‘mobi’.

Mobilegs are intelligently designed to help the user and really are quite different. They look a lot better than many traditional crutches too – certainly a lot sleeker, slimmer and less drab than NHS crutches. It’s also possible to get a ‘mobiskin’ to cover the shaft with a more distinct design.

The problem (and it’s quite a big one) is that Mobilegs are currently not available in the UK. When we got in touch with them they told us that they are still a relatively small start up company so they can only cater to the US market. However, since there might be ways around this, especially if you buy them online, we thought they were worth including. They cost $129 plus the (possibly substantial) cost of postage and shipping. We will keep you up to date should there be any change regarding UK distribution. Hopefully there will be soon!

Mobilegs Crutch has a bend in it

The Mobilegs Crutch looks unique!


mobility aids

Intelligent Design

So that’s the end of our list of trendy mobility aids. We’ve had a variety of styles, designs and prices in there. From Omhu to Glam Sticks – hopefully there should be something for everyone in there!

If you know of any other trendy mobility aids on the market please get in touch with BlueBadgeStyle or leave a comment below

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Once you have your cool crutch or glam walking stick you may also be interested in this neat gadget for holding sticks or crutches together. Check out this post on the Bridgit Crutch Holder

UPDATE : Strictly Judge shows off diamante encrusted crutches

BBC Strictly Come Dancing fans may have spotted judge Craig Revel Horwood with some glitzy crutches, apparently they are actually diamante encrusted.  He had major hip surgery and rehabilitation therapy at King Edward VII Hospital in London.


Crutches made cool: Craig dazzled with diamante encrusted crutch on Monday night's 'It Takes Two' with Zoe BallIce Cool Crutches: the diamante encrusted crutch showed off by Craig on ‘It Takes Two’ with Zoe Ball


Razzle Dazzle: Craig is attempting to transform the image of the humble crutch with his diamante number Craig is not the only person who wants to be seen with some stylish crutches. Copyright images : BBC


Craig Revel Gorgeous: The Strictly judge proudly showed off his new accessory on Sunday night's show


Low-Tech Lifesavers: Greeper Shoe Laces

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Greeper Shoe Laces

Searching for “Disabled Shoe laces “? Greeper laces are always tied, useful for top sportsmen and people with disabilities a truly universal design.

With the Paralympics coming up we thought we would feature a neat gadget used by top athletes like World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington MBE.

Chrissie Wellington, top sportswoman, running with greeper laces on

Shoelaces as used by top sportswoman Chrissie Wellington MBE

At Living With Disability we were really excited when we first heard about greeper laces as we realised the difference they could make to so many lives. You see, Greeper Shoe Laces carry the tagline ‘One Applied, Always Tied’ and you can adjust, loosen or do anything you need with your shoe laces without every needing to tie and untie them. This really is an innovative, yet simple creation which we had to share.

There are many groups of people living with disabilities who can significantly benefit from Greeper Shoe Laces. Firstly, we thought of those living with a range of learning disabilities which have made tying shoe laces very difficult. In the past, many people living with certain learning disabilities were seen only wearing Velcro shoes but with Greeper Shoe Laces, the range of shoes to choose from is wider and more accessible. Secondly, Greeper Shoe Laces are a great idea for children with autism who frequently remove their shoes, as there’s no need to retie and they can be put back on in seconds. We also believe Greeper Shoe Laces would be a great idea for anybody living with painful conditions such as arthritis which make bending and stretching difficult. You can simple slip your shoes on and off and the laces remain tied. People who are overweight or have back pain can also benefit as the laces remove the need for bending of reaching down to retie them during the day.

Once applied they stay on all day long

Greeper Shoe Laces require a little initial fitting but once it’s done, they’re there to stay. They come in a huge range of colours and two different lengths, so you can fit them in your trainers or boots. The really ‘inclusive design’ wow factor is the fact that they can be used in any shoes or training boots, removing the need to find expensive specialist footwear and allowing athletes to choose the absolutely most suitable shoes for the event. They’re a great help and remove one more of those pesky daily tasks which can become a difficult chore. This informational video shoes exactly how Greeper Shoe Laces work:

Range of Greeper Laces

There are several styles in the Greeper lace range. No matter what the occasion or task, there is a Greeper lace in a style and colour to fit your needs and tastes.

Image of some Greeper laces in a bright neon pink colour

Sports Greeper laces in Neon Pink

Sports Greeper Laces

Greeper Sports laces are ideal for all types of sports shoes. Whether you enjoy tennis, running or golf; the Sports range are an oval type like the ones usually included with running shoes. They are also perfect for school shoes such as smart footwear or plimsoles used for gym.

Sports Greeper Laces are available in the following colours:

  • Neon Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Neon Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Neon Pink
  • White
  • Grey
Image of the brown and beige Greeper laces for hiking boots

Beige and Brown Hiker-style Greeper Laces

Hiker Greeper Laces

Greeper Hiker Laces are ideal for outdoor hiking and walking boots. They are longer than any of the other styles (150cm). This allows for the extra length needed when threading through the eyelets of boots. Greeper Hiker Laces feature a durable yet lightweight nylon toggle with high tension springs. This ensures that your laces will stay tight no matter the incline or conditions.

Hiker Greeper Laces are available in the following colour combinations:

  • Purple/Black
  • Brown/Black
  • Beige/Brown
  • Black/White
  • Pink/Purple
Image of Greeper Execs laces in black

Smart and stylish – Black Greeper Execs laces

Execs Greeper Laces

The Execs range of Greeper Laces are a stylish and formal option for smart shoes and occasions. Perfect for classic men’s shoes, business footwear and both girl’s and boy’s school shoes.
Execs Greeper Laces are available in either Brown or Black.


Image of Greeper Flats shoelaces in a bold orange colour.

Modern and Fresh – The Greeper Flats range in Orange

Flats Greeper Laces

The Flats range of Greeper Laces are most popular amongst younger sporting-types. They are 10mm wide, flat laces that are usually found in less-formal sports footwear. They are ideal for pumps and “Converse” skater style footwear, and are available in with either the SureGrip or Sports toggle.

Flats Greeper Laces are available in the following colours:

  • Pink
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Brown


At Living with Disability we are particularly excited about this product because it really is a brand new idea and something we think thousands of people could benefit from. If you’re interested in making a purchase, just click in the button below to visit Equipped 4 Life – – a new boutique store selling the most innovative and inclusive designs available:

Orange button with text "buy at" - click to purchase


Ingenious Ideas: Bibetta Clothes Protectors, Bibs and Pashminas

Ingenious Ideas: Bibetta Clothes Protectors

Lady wiyth a silk like clothes protector that is styled as a pashmina, looks fashionable and dignified

Silk-like style clothes protectors – new pashmina from Bibetta

The Bibetta range of clothes protectors has recently come to our attention and we think it’s a brilliant product range, which allows for safety, comfort and dignity whilst eating and drinking. The Bibetta range includes both Tabard and Pashmina style clothes protectors which allow the user to feel comfortable and safe whilst eating or drinking, with no risk of spills or damage to clothing or bare skin. Lightweight and easy to put on, the Bibetta range is great for use in the home or whilst out and about and makes eating and drinking in public a less anxious affair, if you live with a disability which effects chewing and swallowing for example. Along with other items like the Hydrant and Liquid Level Indicator, Bibetta Clothes Protectors go along way to ensuring your comfortable and secure whilst dining, as this lady says in a tweet:

@ Never liked the fasten-round neck type but the tabard & pashmina styles are appealing I must say.:-)
Jennifer Taylor


Tabard Style Clothes Protectors – Functional and Dignified

Adult clothes protector bibs

A Functional Bibetta Tabard put to great use

The Tabard Style Clothes protectors from Bibetta are designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Available in a range of sizes for teenagers and adults and made from strong, long-lasting materials. To aid with eating and drinking the tabards are 100% waterproof, almost impossible to stain and can be popped into the washing machine and tumble dryer and remain in perfect condition. They’re soft, flexible and easy to wear and their durability means they last a lot longer than traditional clothes protecting bibs.

As the photo shows, the product is designed with an over-the-shoulder shape which means they look much more like a tabard than a traditional bib, just without the back so easy to put on and take off. This makes a change from traditional bibs which can look uncomfortable and less dignified. Their ergonomically shaped design at the front allows for completely free arm movement, allowing for easy access to drinks and food. Made from flexible Neoprene, the tabards are easily fold-able and can be stored without difficulty.

Pashmina Style Clothes Protectors – Elegant and Practical

adult clothes protector bibs

The Bibetta Pashmina is attractive and practical

As the photo shows clearly, these Pashmina Style Clothes Protectors offer a completely discrete and dignified solution for avoiding drips and spills onto clothes, keeping them entirely clean. It combines the fashionable elegance of an attractive scarf with the functional protection you may need from a bib. The pashmina is designed with style and dignity in mind and comes in a range of colours to complement any outfit beautifully.  It’s made from a soft and luxurious feeling silk-like fabric which adds to its attractiveness and the front is absorbent, keeping away moisture from the skin and allowing for more comfort. It has two further layers, the middle layer is also absorbent whilst the back is waterproof, allowing your skin and clothes to remain completely dry, even if spillage does occur. Like the other products, Bibetta Pashminas are extremely durable despite their delicate appearance and therefore can be machine washed and tumble dried and remain in great condition.

The Bibetta team pride themselves on offering top quality products with durability and dignity at the core of their ethos and both these products deliver that and much more. To find out more and make a purchase, click below:




We know wearing a clothes protector can be an awkward social experience and were pleased to see the issue tackled in this blog post from Simon Stevens,  an Independent Disability Issues Consultant, Trainer and Activist:

 A bib is a covering of the fact worn to protect clothes during mealtimes or from drooling. It is generally seen as something  as normally worn by babies but as someone with cerebral palsy, I wear a bib at home all day because of my own drooling. Am I a baby? Not at all, just someone using something I find useful.

10 years ago, bibs for adults were a taboo subject but now I feel that it is more accepted for many disabled people to wear bibs if they wish to do, as well as use a whole range of specialist equipment which were previously less acceptable. I feel this is all due to an improved inclusion of disabled people on their own terms.

People with significant impairments often find things that some regard as babyish as useful to their chosen lifestyle and I am clear the pressure to act normal is less than what it used to be.


Ingenious Ideas: Wrist Straps

A customised mobile phone wrist strap

At Living with Disability we’ve been impressed by the work of @touretteshero on Twitter and in the newspapers, battling against prejudice and ignorance. We have been looking at her blog has some pretty interesting and useful gadgets if you have Tourettes Syndrome or in fact a range of conditions which may result in tics such as Myoclonus or Distonia. Some of her ideas could also be considered if you have a stereotypic movement disorder. Today, we’re going to have a look at a simple item which wasn’t designed for those living with disabilities in mind.

A mobile phone wrist strap may seem like a simple invention which helps any mobile phone user keep their phone close at bay and in most senses it is, but reading this great blog post from Tourettes Hero, you can see how useful a wrist strap would be for her situation as it would ensure the phone was safe and accessible whenever it was needed.

There are a huge range of different mobile phone wrist straps out there, as there are with most mobile phone accessories. You can find simple black ones, those that can be adjusted to different lengths and those which keep your phone firmly attached to your wrist. Whichever suits you best is dependent on your own situation and how you access your phone. A wrist strap will ensure it never goes missing or becomes out of reach and you won’t have to worry about it going missing whilst out and about. The wrist strap has been

A Smartphone Wrist Strap

revolutionised as the picture shows, so now even the newest generations of smart phone can be safely secured to your wrist to ensure you have access whenever you need it.

An ingenious idea as Tourettes Hero says and something that you wouldn’t even imagine could be such a help until you look at it in more detail and think how such a simple little thing can be used effectively on a daily basis. There is a huge range available at a range of different prices so you’ll be sure to find one which suits your circumstances. You can even use wrist straps for other gadgets including your camera. Other people might find a wrist strap for walking sticks useful or for an ipod, digital camera or purse.

Thanks Tourettes Hero for this great idea. If you think so too, you might want to look below the comparison table for exciting news about her forthcoming book “Welcome to Biscuit Land: A Year in the Life of Touretteshero”.


title NYLON 13cm WRIST STRAP LANYARD – GREY OP/TECH Cam Strap QD for Compact Cameras and Binoculars – Black Walking Stick Wrist Strap – Corded NEW IPOD NANO 6 SOFT SILICONE FLEXIBLE WRIST WATCH BAND / STRAP for GENERATION 6G 8GB 16GB – BLACK Gossip Girl – Beaded Clutch Evening Prom Clubbing Lipstick Purse Wrist Strap 3 Sizes – BLACK SILVER
price 1.29 5.70 1.10 3.99 14.99
reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info
Brand Speed Trade OP/TECH Homecraft Blue Duck Shopper Gossip Girl
  • Wrist lanyard strap
  • Ideal for small mobile phone ,card readers,camera,mp3, usb sticks
  • Approx length: 13cm (excluding palstic fastening & loop)
  • # Ideal for small cameras and electronics
  • # Fits tight connection area with 1.5mm cord
  • # Mini quick disconnect offers added versatility and convenience
  • # Secures comfortably around wrist
  • # Made in the USA
Title NYLON 13cm WRIST STRAP LANYARD – GREY OP/TECH Cam Strap QD for Compact Cameras and Binoculars – Black Walking Stick Wrist Strap – Corded NEW IPOD NANO 6 SOFT SILICONE FLEXIBLE WRIST WATCH BAND / STRAP for GENERATION 6G 8GB 16GB – BLACK Gossip Girl – Beaded Clutch Evening Prom Clubbing Lipstick Purse Wrist Strap 3 Sizes – BLACK SILVER
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
Link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info

Search for all wrist straps

TourettesHero has a new book coming out about a year in her life called “Welcome to Biscuit Land: A Year in the Life of Touretteshero”.

With a forward by no other than Stephen Fry it looks really interesting:

Meet Jess, aka Touretteshero. Jess has Tourettes Syndrome, which means that she makes sounds and movements over which she has no control. Jess swears, she s one of about 10% of people with Tourettes who do. She says biscuit a lot, about 16 times per minute (that s 6 million a year!), and then there are the sometimes life-threatening arm and leg tics… Tourettes can be tough to live with, often bringing out unpleasant behaviour in people who don t understand it, but it can also be inspiring and, above all, funny. Jess s verbal tics are often truly surreal Leisurewear Velociraptor Training Party! , Capital letters talk to themselves at night or If all the hoofed animals could count there wouldn t be a banking crisis. These excerpts from Jess s personal blog follow a year in her life and the whole spectrum of her experiences. We re introduced to her support network of close friends, including Fat Sister, Leftwing Idiot and King Russell, as well as strangers who can be unpredictably helpful or hurtful. Moving, funny, shocking, tender, and inspiring, Jess s words are courageous and optimistic in the face of the major challenges she faces. Welcome to Biscuit Land.

Ingenious Ideas: Trabasack Media Mount

The Ideal Accessory for your Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag

Trabasack Mini Connect and Media Mount supporting iPad

The newest product in the Trabasack range is designed to make their original products even more versatile and user friendly. The Trabasack Media Mount new, flexible and multi purpose mounting device. Trabasack Media Mount is really useful for supporting things like iPads, the Kindle, and remote controls at just the right angle. In addition to these multimedia devices it can be used with much much more and is already attracting attention from a range of different customers out there.

The Media Mount is made of a similar soft fabric that accepts the velcro hook and loop tape, just as the soft Trabasack Connect surface does. Is also fitted with a versatile Velcro strip to allow it to be stuck safely to your tray surface or manipulated in many ways to hold specific items and even stick to itself to create height. The two large grab handles make it easy to move and flex and it adds next to no weight at all to the Trabasack surface so you don’t need to worry about it feeling heavy or awkward. It is Pictured here with a Trabasack Mini ‘Connect’ – Lap Tray and Bag with velcroable surface, a tablet bag with a soft fabric surface to use your tablet upon.

Uses for your Media Mount

Skoog mounting aids

Media Mount supporting the accessible musical instrument The Skoog

You can use the Media Mount in any number of ways. It’s perfect for supporting electronic devices such as your smartphone or tablet device but is equally as good at ensuring your dinner plate is held in position or even securing a cup or juice bottle to your tray surface. There are so many uses once you have your own you’ll surely find new ideas that hadn’t even been thought of.

It’s great in an educational context for supporting communication aids and switches, as well as fun for accessible gaming devices and supporting controllers and much much more. Pictured here it is shown is being used with the amazing accessible musical instrument, the Skoog. Whatever use you have in mind, the Media Mount can be manipulated to support whatever you want to do.

The Media Mount is an excellent addition to your Trabasack tray and bag and will make it even more versatile, practical and user friendly.

Essential Items: Talking Watches

Essential Items: Talking Watches

Living with a visual impairment can make what used to seem very straightforward suddenly very difficult. Simple things like getting out and about and even telling the time can become more difficult and hard to manage without support. However, maintaining an independent and active lifestyle is not something that has to be sacrificed because of partial or even total sigh loss. Thinking back to telling the time, this is of course an essential requirement throughout the working day and the UK’s sight loss and visual impairment charity RNIB have once again created a product which solves this problem. Like with their Liquid Level Indicators and Talking Tin Lids, the RNIB approve products which they believe are able to have a positive impact on the lives of people living with a range of visual impairments. What’s more, their watches range has recently been extended to include children’s models and there are some really great designs soon to be launched.

Talking Watches

The Talking Watches range from RNIB, in partnership with Lifemax strives to provide a range of different and attractive watches for those living with visually impairments. Some products provided for those living with disabilities have the stigma of appearing clunky and clinical but as the photos show, this range of watches are both fashionable and completely suitable for every day use. The watch speaks in a clear, audible voice providing both time and date information when requested and the analogue or digital face of the designs is also clear and large for those who still maintain a degree of sight.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased products from the RNIB talking watches range have been extremely impressed with the results, with customers highlighting that the well designed products are no more expensive than a regular watch but have considerable extra functionality. What’s more, the product range includes designs from the most simple to more complex so you can choose a feature rich model if you like your gadgets or keep it simple if you just want a standard timepiece. Click in the below boxes to purchase your own talking watch from RNIB and look at the whole range.


title SALE – RNIB Talking Atomic Watch – Metallic Bracelet with clasp [Electronics] Atomic Talking Watch With Leather Strap MSF Ladies Quartz Talking Wristwatch on Stainless Steel Bracelet strap with clasp – adjustable Lifemax Talking Digital Watch extra large LCD Talking LCD Analogue and Digital Watch Ladies Talking Watch with Steel Finish – Leather Strap
Binding Electronics Personal Care Electronics Misc. Personal Care
price 31.55 26.50 21.74 11.85 14.95 49.99
reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info
Brand 407 Health and Care MSF UK_Kitchens Health and Care Carewear Clothing
Manufacturer 407 Health and Care MSF Limited Health and Care Carewear Clothing
ProductGroup Watch Health and Beauty Watch Kitchen Sports Health and Beauty
Title SALE – RNIB Talking Atomic Watch – Metallic Bracelet with clasp [Electronics] Atomic Talking Watch With Leather Strap MSF Ladies Quartz Talking Wristwatch on Stainless Steel Bracelet strap with clasp – adjustable Lifemax Talking Digital Watch extra large LCD Talking LCD Analogue and Digital Watch Ladies Talking Watch with Steel Finish – Leather Strap
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
Link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info

New Summer Range of Blue Badge Holders from The Blue Badge Company

New Summer Range from The Blue Badge Company

Peace and Love: Sixties Themed Blue Badge Holders

Pink Peace and Love Design

Back in December we took a close look at the funky and fashionable Blue Badge Holders available from the Blue Badge Company and highlighted how they’d attend that year’s Naidex Convention. Well, they were back this year with a bright and exciting new range of holders, displayed in the New Product Showcase. This new range of products has a summery theme and it’s all about Love & Peace. Bright and bold, this sixties inspired summery design is bound to bring in many more customers looking for a way of jazzing up their Blue parking badge.

Fantastic Range of Colours

Blue Peace and Love Design

As our photos show, the range of colours available for these new holders are fantastic and even better, The Blue Badge Company have put together some fantastic package deals which even offer this funky pink design with an accessible RADAR toilet key in a package so you can benefit from both products in one go and the benefits of RADAR keys is something we have discussed at length in the past. It’s great to see a company who are considering design and fashion alongside the practicality of their creation and it shows that it is possible to invent products which cater to those living with disabilities without making them look both clinical and ugly.

Of course, if these new designs aren’t your thing there are over EIGHTY other designs to choose from and there’s bound to be one that appeals to you and it makes a change from your standard plastic wallet and gives a little personality to your vehicle. The New Peace & Love range was exhibited at Naidex and gained plenty of feedback and positive support from patrons and delegates at the event, so much so that one design is considered a bestseller amongst the ranks and if you’re interested in buying any of the new designs, click in the below info boxes:

Easy Belts – velcro fastening belts that are easy to undo

Easy Belts with a velcro fastening

When you’re dressing yourself, one particular complication can be fasteners. Whether you have poor manual dexterity or the use of only one hand, it can be virtually impossible, for instance, to fasten the buckles on your belts. Or you might be able to manage the buckle with a struggle, but then have problems if you have to rush to the toilet.

Easy Belts are the answer. They have a velcro strip that simply goes through a D-shaped buckle and folds back on itself, holding the belt securely in place – easy to operate single-handedly.

easybelts vecro belts for children

Colourful designs and styles

Blue Easy Belt, showing velcro buckle mechanism

Secure but easy to undo velcro fastening belts

velcro belts

Easy Belts come in both adult and child sizes, adjustable of course, and can be made to measure if required. They are slightly elasticated, a boon for people with conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome which can cause painful bloating.

You can choose your Easy Belt from a range of colours, from pink stripes to black. Why not buy several, so you’ll always have one to match your outfit? It also means there’s bound to be one to match your child’s school uniform. Easy Belts can be machine washed, and come out looking as good as new every time.

Existing users are very positive about their Easy Belts. A man with Parkinson’s Disease was no longer able to manage normal belts and this caused distress. Easy Belt made it so easy for him to do up his belt. A teenage girl with learning disabilities could manage most things herself but struggled with belt buckles. Once she had an Easy Belt those days were gone: no more fiddling to find the hole, just one pull and fasten and it was done.

Easy Belts are highly recommended as a functional and fashionable aid to independence. With their excellent choice of sizes and colours,  there’s bound to be one to suit you. And at their very reasonable price, how can you lose?

Visit the Easy Belts webshop for more info about these practical velcro-able belts.

Essential Items: Ear Defenders for Children with auditory sensitivity

Essential Items: Ear Defenders for Children with auditory sensitivity

Shocking Pink Ear Defenders

At Living with Disability we recognise that some disabilities have several varied symptoms and that everybody living with a disability is an individual and may live with symptoms that others don’t. One of the many symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorders is auditory sensitivity, which basically means that loud sounds can create extreme anxiety or distress. This is particularly common in children and there are a range of other conditions and learning disabilities which also have auditory sensitivity as a symptom. However, there are ways to combat this, most ingeniously with a pair of protective Ear Defenders. As well as protecting your child’s hearing, you’re also making the loud noises prevalent across modern society much less stressful and therefore allowing your child to enjoy a better quality of life.

Ear Defenders provide the perfect answer for children who find loud noises scary, stressful or too much to bear. Fitted with a comfortable padded headband and available in a range of bright welcoming colours, there’s bound to be a pair which works for your child. Most designs are extremely lightweight and can be adjusted to fit children up to 8 years old (or penguin lovers of any age see tweets below!!). As this video clearly explains, there are different reasons and different types of loud noise which affect different individuals and you’ll surely know which ones are relevant to your family:

A pair of Ear Defenders will cut out the majority of noise and extremely comfortable, there should be no concern or worry regarding loud noises becoming a problem or trigger. The range of colours means you should be able to find a pair to suit your child’s personality and preferences. Those who already own a pair are extremely happy with their purchase, especially when they consider that the item  should be long lasting, or until a child reaches around 8 years old. They’re easily adjustable and can really make being out and about a lot easier for someone living with auditory sensitivity. If you’re interested in buying a pair click in the box below:

To see the full range click here ear defenders

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Essential Items: Medibands

Essential Items: Medibands

At Living with Disability we understand that thousands of people around the country live with hidden disabilities which are completely unnoticeable physically. We also understand that a range of disabilities can make communication and voicing a problem very difficult, which is why we think these Medibands are fantastic idea, especially to help out in an emergency.

Stylish and functional
Medibands are available in a range of colourful designs and like medical dog tags before them indicate exactly what condition the wearer has or perhaps how to treat them. A lot of the Medibands available are allergy related, which can be truly lifesaving but you can also get completely customisable ones which are designed to be written on. These are brilliant as there’s space to write a couple of important points such as ‘non-verbal, communicates through Makaton’ or ‘coeliac, use epi-pen’. This customisability is brilliant as you can ensure exactly what you want to convey in an emergency is immediately available to both the emergency services and any individuals who may try and help in a crisis situation.
As you can see, there is a huge range of different Medibands available and they come in a range of sizes so you will be able to find a suitable size. There are cute girly designsand also more professional looking bands perfect if you prefer to remain discreet about your circumstances. Bands can display your condition, your allergies, instructions or even what particular medication you’re on (as pictured).
The Medibands can truly be lifesaving and there are many happy customers that testify to this. Customers are happy with the way that Medibands can alert professionals to their condition without having to scream and shout about and many also find these Medibands more practical and accessible than traditional dog-tag style medical jewellery.
To find out more about the range of Medibands available and to make a purchase, click in the box below:

 To see the full range click here

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