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Ingenious Ideas: Wrist Straps

At Living with Disability we’ve been impressed by the work of @touretteshero on Twitter and in the newspapers, battling against prejudice and ignorance. We have been looking at her blog has some pretty interesting and useful gadgets if you have Tourettes Syndrome or in fact a range of conditions which may result in tics such […]

Ingenious Ideas: Trabasack Media Mount

The Ideal Accessory for your Trabasack Lap Tray and Bag The newest product in the Trabasack range is designed to make their original products even more versatile and user friendly. The Trabasack Media Mount new, flexible and multi purpose mounting device. Trabasack Media Mount is really useful for supporting things like iPads, the Kindle, and remote […]

Essential Items: Talking Watches

Essential Items: Talking Watches Living with a visual impairment can make what used to seem very straightforward suddenly very difficult. Simple things like getting out and about and even telling the time can become more difficult and hard to manage without support. However, maintaining an independent and active lifestyle is not something that has to […]