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Essential Items: Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Essential Items: Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Portable and personal – ideal for regular monitoring

Omron M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

A huge range of conditions and disabilities require you to perform checks and manage elements of your own health care plan and including amongst the things you may have to check includes your own blood pressure. A basic upper arm blood pressure monitor is a really valuable item to have in your home because it allows you to keep a record of your own condition and of course, recognise symptoms if you’re at risk of anything potentially dangerous or life threatening. One of the best and most affordable models on the market comes from Omron and it’s designed with easy of use and accessibility in mind.

Omron M2 – Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

Before looking at this great little piece of kit in detail, watch this quick video to see exactly how to use your new product:

As the video shows, this product can comfortably and easily record your blood pressure and benefits from some great features to ensure ease of use. The most prominent and popular feature with customers is the easy to read large screen which allows for quick reading and recording. Another important feature is the one button activation which makes the whole process very straightforward and removes the need to pump up the band as you may find in your doctor’s surgery and could prove quite difficult if you live alone.

What do the customers think?

This product has received hundreds of positive reports in its favour. Customers describe it as a breeze to use, ideal for regular usage and praise how the instruction manual makes understanding and getting used to the features even simpler. The product has been bought by hundreds of people who were concerned about their blood pressure after doctor’s and hospital appointments and now feel relieved by tracking their own results and able to contact the right healthcare professional if they didn’t follow the right pattern. What’s more, it’s extremely affordable.

To purchase your own, click in the box below:

title Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Omron M10-IT Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Dual Size EKS 301 Vision Blood Pressure Monitor Finger Pulse Oximeter – %SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation) & Heart Rate Monitor with Instructions, Lanyard & Carry Case (in Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Weight 1.46 pound 1.37 pound 0.06 pound
price 13.09 49.99 24.76 22.99 80.08
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  • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Intellisense technology for quick, comfortable and accurate measurement
  • One-button operation: simple, quick and easy to use
  • Clinically validated
Label Omron Healthcare OMRON EKS Gifts Medline
Title Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Omron M10-IT Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Dual Size EKS 301 Vision Blood Pressure Monitor Finger Pulse Oximeter – %SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation) & Heart Rate Monitor with Instructions, Lanyard & Carry Case (in RETAIL PACKAGING) – BLUE Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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High-Tech Helpers: Robot Vacuum Cleaners

High-Tech Helpers: Robot Vacuum Cleaners

iRobot Roomba

The advancement of technology continues to speed off at an alarming rate and as each new product is developed, there are new ways that people living with disabilities can gain independence and fulfilment from their lives with less support from others. Now, the development of robotics has been seen more in sci-fi movies and books but it’s not longer a thing of the past, innovative robot vacuum cleaners have been developed and are available for general purchase.
Robot vacuum cleaners are a development which could significantly help those living with disabilities who find the general vacuum cleaner too heavy, too difficult to grip or have problems with bending and stretching. Rather than relying on support from carers or family, a robot vacuum cleaner can do the job for you on its own.

Samsung vs iRobot

vacuum cleaners robot

Samsung Navibot

There are two main brands of robot vacuum cleaner on the market and both have their advantages and disadvantages. This video shows in depth which model benefits from which qualities and also their strengths and weaknesses:

As the video shows the iRobot Roomba is the original design, complete with all the features you think you may need in a robot vac but then along comes the Samsung NaviBot.

Now, the Navibot seems to be a newer, more technically advanced and highly developed model but on testing, it’s possible to see how both products have their strengths and how according to CNET the original design is much stronger than the new, apparently more technically advanced development.
The Navibot is fantastic for thorough and in depth cleaning and it’s vision mapping technology means it knows where it’s already been and won’t spin in circles but it does struggle with obstacles. The Roomba may take a little more time to get things done and may keep going over the same spot but the job will get done and the original technology proves to be superior in most instances.
If you’re interested in finding out more about either product, click in the boxes below:

High-Tech Helpers: The Breville Hot Cup

High-Tech Helpers: The Breville Hot Cup

There are a huge range of techy products which have been developed to make life easier for people from all walks of life, not necessarily with those with disabilities in mind. The Breville Hot Cup is one of these great innovations.

The Breville Hot Cup is an ingenious invention which allows you to boil and dispense hot water with the touch of a button. It is a one touch kettle that you fill with water and it dispenses hot water one cup at a time. This means you can wave goodbye to that kettle tipper wire thing and have something smart and modern on the work top!

Good bye Kettle Tipper!

There’s no need for lifting, pouring or any of the awkward and potentially risky activities involved in making a good old cuppa. It’s a great development for those who have dexterity issues or problems with fine motor skills and as this tweeter puts it, there’s no longer any need to worry about pouring boiling water on yourself:

I am way too excited by my new kettle. No more worrying about pouring boiling water over myself. Eco conscious too.
Robert Droy

The Breville Hot Cup can make that cuppa of yours risk-free and it also has many other great features. If you choose the model with variable dispense, you can vary the size of the cup you use, meaning you can enjoy a big steamy cup of coffee in the morning and then reduce your intake throughout the day as it can’t hurt to reduce your caffeine intake. It works extremely quickly, boiling in less than a minute and you’ll be absolutely stoked with your new purchase.

Save money on boiling a kettle

We have used one for over two years and they pay for themselves quickly in the electricity that they save. As you only boil as much as you need it really saves the ££££s over time. The filters are expensive though, but we have found that it works just as well without one and have been using ours for 18months without needing to descale it. Obviously this will vary depending on where you live.

This video shows a demo of the Hot Cup in action:

The Innovative Breville Hot Cup

As you can see, it’s a really clever piece of kit which could make life so much easier and avoid the risk of dangerous burns. In addition to ease of use, the Breville Hot Cup is extremely easy to maintain with a built-in limescale filter and it comes with a drip tray as standard so you can avoid spills on your counter tops.

The Breville Hot Cup is ideal for your morning coffee, your afternoon tea and your bed time cocoa.