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Essential Items: Ear Defenders for Children with auditory sensitivity

Essential Items: Ear Defenders for Children with auditory sensitivity

Shocking Pink Ear Defenders

At Living with Disability we recognise that some disabilities have several varied symptoms and that everybody living with a disability is an individual and may live with symptoms that others don’t. One of the many symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorders is auditory sensitivity, which basically means that loud sounds can create extreme anxiety or distress. This is particularly common in children and there are a range of other conditions and learning disabilities which also have auditory sensitivity as a symptom. However, there are ways to combat this, most ingeniously with a pair of protective Ear Defenders. As well as protecting your child’s hearing, you’re also making the loud noises prevalent across modern society much less stressful and therefore allowing your child to enjoy a better quality of life.

Ear Defenders provide the perfect answer for children who find loud noises scary, stressful or too much to bear. Fitted with a comfortable padded headband and available in a range of bright welcoming colours, there’s bound to be a pair which works for your child. Most designs are extremely lightweight and can be adjusted to fit children up to 8 years old (or penguin lovers of any age see tweets below!!). As this video clearly explains, there are different reasons and different types of loud noise which affect different individuals and you’ll surely know which ones are relevant to your family:

A pair of Ear Defenders will cut out the majority of noise and extremely comfortable, there should be no concern or worry regarding loud noises becoming a problem or trigger. The range of colours means you should be able to find a pair to suit your child’s personality and preferences. Those who already own a pair are extremely happy with their purchase, especially when they consider that the item  should be long lasting, or until a child reaches around 8 years old. They’re easily adjustable and can really make being out and about a lot easier for someone living with auditory sensitivity. If you’re interested in buying a pair click in the box below:

To see the full range click here ear defenders

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@ @ @ I have a pair of bright pink ear defenders designed for young kids. I'm a little over 8 years old 😛
Danni Brennand

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@ @ @ I do have a small head but Johan can get them on (though says they're very tight).
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Essential Items: Medication Organisers

When living with disabilities, it’s understandable that many people rely on a range of medications to ensure they can live comfortably and  independently. For some, this can mean a combination of lots of different medications which all need to be taken at the correct time of the day and it can get confusing. Whilst pharmacies can send out your pills in a organised manner, your own medication organiser can be much more useful and make it easier to find the pills you need when you need them.

Vibrating Alert Organisers

There are a huge range of pill organisers  on the market from the very cheap and basic to more advanced designs which hope to help you remember to take your medication as well as keeping it in order. The development of vibrating and alarmed organisers mean you’ll never need to forget another pill and you can always feel safe without having to keep reminding yourself to take your pills when you need them. This video shows one model of vibrating pill box and how it can remind you to take the pills you need:

Discrete and portable

There are many designs like this wallet model, which make your pill organiser look a lot less clinical and easy to carry about your person without feeling like a walking pharmacy. Alternatively, there are a range of brighly coloured pill boxes on the market and if you only rely on a small number of meds, you could consider this fashionable Swarovski pill box or this prettily designed pill organiser.

It may seem like a small thing but it can really make a difference, especially when out and about and needing to remember to take your pills on time. Relying on medication can be a pain so any steps that can be taken to make it less of a chore are welcomed. If you’re interested in finding out more about the range of pill boxes available and also making a purchase click on any of the boxes below:

Or click here to see full range of pill organisers


High-Tech Helpers: The Livescribe Smartpen

High-Tech Helpers: The Livescribe Smartpen

At Living with Disability we embrace all the benefits of technology and the way it has made life lots easier for many people. As technology advances, so do the gadgets and gizmos designed specifically to make living with disabilities less difficult and supporting daily independence.

One item which is extremely useful for people with learning disabilities is The Livescribe Smartpen. Livescribe produce a range of Smartpens that can significantly improve the educational and work place environment for people who may have difficulty taking notes. This tweet is a testament to how valuable Smartpens can be:

@ #disabilitygadgets My wheelchair and my hand controls in the car. Oh and my LiveScribe Pulse smartpen.
Dan McIntyre

Smartpens can help people with a number of different conditions including dyspgraphia, auditory processing difficulties and learning difficulties. With a Smartpen, you can focus on the teacher, the speaker or the lecturer you need to, rather than worrying about scribbling down every single word which can be extremely challenging for some.

So, what do Smartpens do?

A Livescribe Smartpen combines all four communication methods in one device. With a Smartpen you can record audio via its built-in microphone or through a Livescribe recording headset. When taking notes, the Smartpen can record the whole lesson, conversation or lecture and even creates digitised handwriting, automatically syncing the audio and ink. You can replay the audio by simply tapping the digitised ink. You can also choose to record audio without text if you prefer and you can transfer all files to your computer if you need to. Organising your notes isn’t difficult and you can even search for specific words within your notes, if you’re trying to revise or focus on a particular topic.

What do the customers think?

Smartpens’ customers are absolutely overwhelmed with their efficiency. Customers rate their effectiveness highly and feel they can considerably help them in their educational and professional lives. Despite all its high-tech gadgetry within this product, customers are surprised by how lightweight they are and how easy and straightforward they are to use. Described as a brilliant tool for both business and education, the Livescribe Smartpen can enhance and change your lifestyle.

This video shows exactly how great the Livescribe Smartpen can be great for work and school:

We saw recently saw Dan from the tweet above  talking about the Livescribe Pulse on Facebook

I’ve had a livescribe Pulse for about 2 years now, its ace. Even allows you to draw a piano and play it, plus had a load of other apps that act as translators etc as well as recording meetings.

And looking at the reviews on Amazon, it is a very popular item:

I love my Pulse 4GB. This Echo 8GB is just that much nicer – more comfortable to hold, more memory, better uplink connection than the Pulse’s standard cradle, which is a little too easy to knock the pen off from. The Pulse’s pro cradle (upright) is very nice, though. The new Mac Desktop update (2.2.1) is a very good one, with a much easier interface for sharing pencasts, pdfs, and AAC files. Like the previous reviewer, I had difficulty at first, but ended up manually downloading and installing the latest software update (my software kept telling me I had the latest, but it was 2.1). It replaced my previous version(keeping all the Pulse files intact), and after the quick install, it began to recognize the Echo without any problem.

The new pen cap is little and fits tight – I suspect it will be lost quickly. It is different than the Pulse caps – smaller, and fits on differently. I don’t notice much difference at all in using the Echo vs the Pulse, but I do find it more comfortable and less dorky-looking. I never considered 4GB to be too little storage, but 8GB certainly allows me to record everything at the highest quality without concern. Interestingly, this pen didn’t come with the recording headphones – which are nice, but way too dorky to actually use. If you are looking to buy a first Smartpen, you really can’t go wrong with either the Pulse or the Echo. If you are a student or an attorney or anyone who needs to recall detailed discussion points, you won’t be sorry. The variety of notebooks now is fantastic.

Note: EVERY high school and college student with learning disorders involving processing speeds, slow writing, Asperger’s Syndrome, or attentional issues should have and use this product. I suspect this will replace “note takers” eventually, as this is FAR less expensive and more effective (see 2008-09 research study from Rochester Institute of Technology).