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Real Greepers shoelaces could have the edge on elastics

New research has struck a blow for “real” shoelaces in the battle against elastic laces. The report, published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, looked at different lacing patterns in sports shoes, and found that a firm “foot-to-shoe coupling” (FTSC) could be beneficial to athletes and less sporty folk alike. Real shoelaces, such as those […]

Gripping Aids Review featuring Active Hands

Gripping Aids for Disabled People in Review There are many different reasons a person may have difficult with their grip or poor hand function and it can make independence and access to a wide range of regular daily tasks difficult. Active Hands specialise in creating aids which provide their users with a functional gripping aid […]

3D Printing: How might it help disabled people?

3D Printing: How might it help disabled people? 3D printing is a revolutionary new development which has unfortunately been in the news for the wrong reasons. However when it’s looked at critically it can only be a positive move for the world’s technological and even medical industries. 3D printing can revolutionise the lives of millions […]