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Something Different: Unique Blue Badge Holders

Something Different: Unique Blue Badge Holders

Every now and again we come across a product which we really rate for its individuality. These blue badge holders are one such

Blue Badge holder

Multi Terrain Camo patterned Blue Badge Holder

product. We first saw the new Blue Badge Company exhibiting at Naidex South 2011, and we were really impressed by the quality, range and bright colours available.

The Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company was launched  in 2010 by designer Camilla Hall, who didn’t like the ordinary, plain and awkward-to-use Blue badge wallets that were available.

She wanted to create something that reflected the user’s individual style, that they would be comfortable using every day.

Creating a new format she found specially tested acetate windows that allow the Badge and timer permit to be displayed clearly & legally.

Finally, here is a product which allows for a bit of style and funkiness to jazz up a blue badge!

The exotic Fire Cracker Blue Badge Holder design

These blue badge holders and parking display wallets come in a wide range of patterns and styles. Produced by the Blue Badge Company, you can be assured of their quality and they’re much more stylish than the traditional blue badge holders or disability parking badge wallets that we have seen available. Made in Britain, in fact, hand made in a workshop in Bristol, they use fully UK sourced materials. These wallets are designed to provide Blue Badge holders with an practical but stylish item which can express their own individuality instead of looking clinical and boring. There are a massive EIGHTY designs to choose from and from seeing the range on their impressive show stand, we think almost every taste is covered, from Pink PVC to suede! They make an absolutely awesome gift for a friend or relative who uses a Blue Badge.

Fabrics range from the girly Cath Kidston inspired Cathy to the more traditional Westwood and many more besides. You can get almost any design you can think of from the very popular purple Chinese silk to Army camouflage and anyone who has a disabled badge will be happy with their new product.
If you’re interested in buying one of these great Blue Badge Holders, click in the box below. And you can even have them gift wrapped!

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Sock Aids

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Sock Aids

There are plenty of extremely simply designed products which can make a significant difference to our daily lives. Maintaining independence is something that everyone deserves and through some basic, low-tech products some tasks which may have been impossible become possible again. One of these tasks is getting your socks on which for some can be a big problem and something they’d previously needed help with, however, with the Sock Aid, help is no longer needed at all.

What are Sock Aids?

As this tweeter puts it, most sock aids are like a half-drainpipe on strings:

@ my nomination for #disabilitygadgets is the 1/2 drainpipe on strings thingy that I put my socks on with
Ted Shiress

There are a wide number of different types of product about which produce the same effect and are available for a range of prices. There are some sock aids which use a stick rather than strings to help with the positioning of the sock. The product is an extremely simple design which performs an essential daily task. Once you have your own you’ll never be without it. As this video demonstrates, sock aids are relatively simple to use:

What do the customers think?

This very simple design which doesn’t need any fabrication or development and it has received rave reviews from its customers. Customers are extremely happy with sock aids and are particularly pleased that they can be used without any need to bend down, avoiding any potential risks or unnecessary pain. It’s great for people who are recovering for major surgery such as hip replacements and others who may suffer from more long-term join related conditions or back pain. Getting used to the process needed to use the aid may take a little time but with handy videos like the ones above, it shouldn’t be long before you’re a sock aid pro.

The range of sock aids available gives you the option to choose one which you believe is right for you. As a very basic product, they’re both cost effective and can make putting your socks on less hassle and trouble than it’s ever been.

Low-tech Lifesavers: Folding Walking Sticks

Low-tech lifesavers: Folding Walking Sticks

At Living With Disability we hope to show you a huge range of fantastic and potentially life changing product of both low and high tech design. Sometimes even the simplest thing can make a huge difference and like our heading says whether by accident or design, these things can make your life much easier.

The first thing we’re looking at are folding walking sticks. It seems this simple invention has made a huge difference for many people as this tweet shows:

@ #disabilitygadgets that changed my life: folding up walking sticks for when I'm ok at start of the day but can't walk by the end
McIlwhan Consulting

An attractively patterned folding walking stick

This is just one example of somebody who really rates the folding walking stick and there are many different models on the market to cater to different individuals and needs. As a well established product folding walking sticks can retail for a range of prices and come in a range of different styles and patterns. You will be able to find one which suits your style and like the tweeter above says, they’re great for those who may not initially need the support of a stick but as the day goes on, it becomes necessary. You can simply take your stick out of your bag and support yourself with its help. Additionally, if you’re a wheelchair user, these small folding walking sticks are much more easy to store without taking up too much space.

Switch sticks are one popular brand of folding walking stick and they come in a range of styles and patterns to suit your personal preferences. This video shows exactly how easy their products are to use:

Foldable sticks and canes can be stylish and study

As you can see, they’re extremely simple to use and very popular with their users. Customers love the fact that as well as being completely foldable, these folding walking sticks have several height adjustment levels and are lightweight but sturdy. They provide everything you need from your walking stick including the extra support at the end of a long day.