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Greeper Laces featured in Your Autism Magazine

Greepers featured in Your Autism Magazine

An endorsement of Greepers shoelaces has appeared in Your Autism Magazine. A brand new review of a top product for children with autism.


Your Autism Magazine

At Living with Disability we have some products we consider our absolute favourites. One of these is Greepers shoelaces. This innovative product range should be celebrated and that’s why we’re glad to see them featured in Your Autism Magazine. We believe in this product and we’re glad to see others do.

Greeper Shoelaces for Autism

Greepers Laces Review

Greepers Laces Review

Your Autism Magazine is the quarterly publication of The National Autistic Society for their members. Their latest issue includes a fantastic, helpful review of Greepers. We firmly agree they are a great investment for children and even adults living with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Your Autimsn Magazine’s review shows off the funky red Greepers Laces but the range is much wider than that. All colours from black to purple to neon green are available. Wearers can match their laces to their personality or simply choose those that complement their outfit best.

The review in the magazine highlights how beneficial Greepers can be for children with autism. It explains that, “one parent said,these laces are absolutely invaluable, especially as my son – who has autism – gets older. They mean we can choose any shoes he likes and can be confident that he can manage them.”

The review also says “Greeper is a special type of shoelace, it looks like a regular bow-type shoelace, but will never come undone. The laces are threaded through a central aperture with four stoppers positioned in strategic places. They can easily be loosened or tightened by the wearer or their parents”.

With glowing reviews it’s clear that Greepers are on the up. Hopefully this feature in Your Autism Magazine will further their uptake and widen their appeal.

Benefits of Greepers for Children


Greepers Laces Full Page

Greepers Laces can be great for children who have difficulty getting to grips with regular laces. They appear identical so there’s no stigma and they give children with disabilities much-needed independence when choosing footwear.

Greepers are universal as the parent above said, they can be used with any shoes of your choosing. They’re also a great solution for children who have that annoying habit of repeatedly untying their shoes. With Greepers it simply isn’t possible.

Your morning routine rush will be halved as the stress of shoelaces is removed. They are a better option than Velcro or elastic-laced shoes as the level of support is much better. We’ve looked previously at the differences between Greepers and Elastic Laces and it is pretty clear which comes out on top.

We’re always pleased when one of our favourite brands receives media coverage. Therefore we are really happy for Greepers and their appearance in Your Autism Magazine.

These are fantastic I bought them for my son who is partially sighted and has Asperger’s syndrome so getting dressed can be tricky for him but tying laces impossible! Now I have found these he had more choice for shoes and trainers and these were for his beloved boots he wears to Uni all through the winter! Fantastic invention thank-you x

Recent feedback for Greepers Hikers Laces.

Inventor of Greeper Laces gets Facebook Feedback for how useful they are for children

Peter Greedy who originally invented Greepers for his own children, gets regular feedback from parents with children with autism.

Just got this note from a customer... "I just want to say that the product is a god send, I have ordered them for my son who has Autism and just can not get the hang of tying shoes laces. As he is tall for his age, he is now in Adult shoes sizes, even though he is primary school. I have been unable to find velcro PE trainers in his size and these laces now mean he will be able to do his own shoes at PE time, without the other children noticing he can not do his laces and he will now not need to have an adult help." Love it!


Having just posted the note below ,within about 10 mins I also got this note... "ps Just noticed your job title - fantastic invention - so thank you on behalf of all those like my son who have impaired motor skills and can't tie laces!" Feeling very appreciated!

Two customers giving great feedback today... "ps Just noticed your job title - fantastic invention - so thank you on behalf of all those like my son who have impaired motor skills and can't tie laces! "I just want to say that the product is a god send, I have ordered them for my son who has Autism and just can not get the hang of tying shoes laces. As he is tall for his age, he is now in Adult shoes sizes, even though he is primary school. I have been unable to find velcro PE trainers in his size and these laces now mean he will be able to do his own shoes at PE time, without the other children noticing he can not do his laces and he will now not need to have an adult help."


The wider appeal of Greeper Laces

As we have said before, the great thing about Greepers is that they are also used by top sports people, so children can emulate their heroes too! This month also saw Greepers worn by Lucy Gossage winning Ironman UK in a pair of purple ones! This is such a fab pic we had to share it here!

Athlete Lucy Gossage celebrates the winning of the Ironman UK competiton.

Lucy Gossage winning Ironman UK wearing a pair of purple greeper laces!

UPDATE: Greepers Still in the Lead Triathlon 220 Magazine

As we mentioned above, Greepers are the best laces for athletes and have just been recommended again in the 220 Triathlon Magazine’s new edition (April 2014). They have a feature “Race Day Kit” essentials and Greeper Laces are one of the chosen products and given the top rating and the award BEST ON TEST.

laces shown with toggle that keeps them tight

Greeper Laces in Triathalon 220 Magazine

'Race day kit' showing vairous products for triathletes

Greeper Review BEST on TEST feature in Triathalon 220 magazine

The review reads:

“We’ve tested Greeper Laces before and, despite fierce competition from French outfit Xtenex and their bobbly efforts, in our eyes – and on our feet – the UK product continues to lead the way.For those new to tri or 220, the traditional lacing system is replaced with a brilliant mechanism that requires no tying. Simply guide the Greeper through eyelets in reverse before clamping in place at the toe end via a miniature plastic connector. Back at the tongue end the ingenious toggle requires a gentle tug of its protruding loops to tighten. Pull the toggle to ease pressure.
Sprinkling your shoe with talc and a modicum of practice will have you T2-ing faster than ever before. But, more importantly, your foot feels secure – unlike other systems that can leave your foot slipping about like Bambi on ice.
Verdict: Still the leader of the triathlon lacing pack. 93%.”

Purple Day 2013

Logo for Purple Day - illustration of a purple and green globe, with a green ribbon wrapped around it

Purple Day was founded in 2008, and is celebrated each year on March 26th

International Purple Day: Raising awareness of epilepsy

Purple Day is a worldwide event dedicated to raising awareness about epilepsy. Since Canadian Cassidy Megan created Purple Day in 2008, March 26th has seen people from across the globe join together for the cause.

Supporting Purple Day can be as simple as wearing an item of purple clothing. However many organise events to not only raise money for epilepsy charities, but to give people a chance to discuss epilepsy and meet others with the condition.

600,000 UK people living with epilepsy

Purple Day offers fantastic support for those who suffer from epilepsy as well as their families and friends. There are currently over 600,000 people in the UK who are living with epilepsy. Yet despite these numbers the condition is still often misunderstood by the public. 1 in 10 people will have a seizure  at some time in their lives.

Epilepsy is a condition that is characterised by seizures. A seizure is caused by a disturbance of electrical activity in the brain. This can then can manifest itself physically

Image of Cassidy Megan - Puple Day founder - young girl with freckles and dark wavy hair

Cassidy Megan – founded Purple Day to raise awareness and dispel the myths surrounding epilepsy

in a number of ways. Seizures can be mild or severe. A mild seizure can cause brief loss of consciousness and loss of muscle tone. However more severe seizures  can leave the sufferer totally unconsciousness and their body stiff.

Do and Don’ts for Seizures

If you are with someone and they are having a seizure that causes jerky body movements (know as a  tonic-clonic seizure ) you should do the following:

  • move them from anything that could cause them injury, such as a hot stove or away from traffic
  • note the time of that the seizure began, this can be important for medical treatment later. Try and time the seizure.
  • rest their head on clothing or a cushion if they are on the floor
  • help them to breathe by loosening ties, scarfs or other tight clothing around their necks
  • when the convulsions begin to stop, put them in the recovery position by turning them on their side, again keeping their airway open
  • reassure them and talk to them gently. Having a seizure causes embarrassment and anxiety. People are often confused when they come round. Stay with them.


Don’t put your fingers or anything else in the person’s mouth, they will not ‘swallow their tongue’ although they may bite it but it will heal and not cause lasting damage. Putting anything into the persons mouth could be dangerous or cause them harm.

When should I call an ambulance?


People with epilepsy may have seizures quite frequently and do not need to go to the hospital each time. Most seizures last less than 5 minutes. The person will usually be able to let you know if they require an ambulance or not. People with epilepsy may have a mediband, sos bracelet or necklace or carry an emergency card to let people know what to do.

You should call an ambulance by dialing 999,  if:

  • you know that the person has never had a seizure before
  • the seizure goes on for more than 5 minutes
  • seizures occur in a series, and they appear to stop, but then begin again
  • the person does not regain consciousness or is having difficulty breathing

Dravet Syndrome


Although epilepsy is relatively common in the UK, there are rarer epileptic conditions. My son has Dravet Syndrome which is a rare and life-threatening form of epilepsy that is diagnosed in children. Dravet Syndrome affects around 1 in 30,000 children in the UK. Whilst this is rare, they are around 200 families on our UK Dravet Facebook group.


Many children who are diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome develop normally until they have their first seizure around 3 to 6 months old. After the epilepsy begins children will gradually lose the developmental skills they previously had and find it hard to progress and learn. The developmental issues that occur with Dravet Syndrome can cause delays in speech and language, motor skills and the functioning of the nervous system.

Whether it is rarer forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome, or common forms – the effect of the symptoms strongly impact upon the quality of life of those that have epilepsy. That is why global awareness raising events like Purple Day are so important in raising funds and over coming the stigma that can come with the condition.

The XL Challenge


A fun way to support Dravet Syndrome charities and epilepsy research this year is to follow David of thexlchallenge.com. David has so far completed challenges including a dip in the sea for New Years Day, fun runs, eating bugs in a bush tucker challenge, half marathons and Terror nights!


David is doing 40 challenges in his 40th year and raising lots of money and awareness of Dravet Syndrome and epilepsy along the way.

dravet syndrome fundraising

David after a charity run in Cypress

He still has many unusual tasks to complete this year, follow him on twitter, check out his page and sponsor him!


Getting Involved in Purple Day 2013

Photograph of two pairs of purple Greeper shoe laces, one in sealed in a packet and the other open and on display

A pair of fantastic Greeper Laces are on offer to anybody who mentions purple day on their blog and links back to us.

To celebrate Purple Day 2013, we are offering a 10 free pairs of purple Greeper Laces to our readers who are willing to share their thoughts on the event.
Perhaps you’re hosting a Purple Day party, or taking part in a sponsored event? Epilepsy Research UK offer a fundraising pack filled with ideas to raise awareness and bring support to those with epilepsy this Purple Day. From wearing purple to school or work, or even dying your hair purple – like Helen Webster of Salisbury.




Purple Day Laces Giveaway!

We’d love to hear your Purple Day stories or accounts of living with epilepsy. Or even a mention of Purple day on your blog to help raise epilepsy awareness. Simply write a short blog post (at least 200 words) and give Purple Day  a mention, leave a comment below. We will send you a free pair of  awesome ‘once applied always tied’ purple Greeper Laces. (offer limited to UK residents, 10 pairs to give away!) **Sorry Offer Now Closed**

Elastic Shoe Laces Reviews and Comparison with Greeper Laces

Elastic Shoe Laces Reviews

Image of a woman holding her back in pain

Having to bend to tie shoe laces can cause pain and difficulty

Tying shoelaces can be a daily struggle for many people. Having to bend and stretch can be uncomfortable and cause pain, whilst also taking an inconvenient amount of time to do so. However, there are gadgets and types of shoe laces to help you avoid this. Elasticated and stretchy laces are the best known solutions, they help you transform your everyday lace-up shoes into slip-ons, to provide comfort and ease of use. How do they work and what are the alternatives?

How Do Elastic Laces for Shoes Work?

The stretch lace fabric of these shoe laces are threaded and tied in exactly the same way as ordinary laces. However, the elasticated fabric provides tension once tied, and it it this that makes sure your shoes remain tight and secure whilst wearing them.
When using elastic shoelaces, you only ever have to tie your shoelaces once the first time you apply them. After this your lace-ups work as slip-ons, permanently removing the need for you to bend and stretch. Eventually they may still come undone though.

Greeper Shoe Laces for Disability

Image of a beige shoelace that is frayed and broken

Average elasticated shoe laces can easily break

There are many simplified versions of the elastic shoe lace on the market, most of which offer a temporary solution to the problem.
Cheaper elastic laces can lose their stretch over a short amount of time. Most importantly elastic laces often come undone whilst you’re wearing your shoes. This can make shoes uncomfortable and give you a less secure feeling whilst being worn as well as being a trip hazard!

This is why Greeper have designed an innovative and inclusive alternative to elastic shoe laces. Greepers are designed using high quality traditional polyester laces but have a simple fitting system that provides toggle that prevent the laces ever coming undone “Once applied, always tied”.

Image of a man running next to a lake with his dog, wearing brightly coloured trainers and greeper laces.

Greeper laces are ultimately more durable and comfortable than elastic shoe laces, they give better support as they use traditional laces that do not stretch.

After the initial application, Greeper shoelaces are forever tied. Unlike elasticated laces Greeper shoe laces do not rely on the tension of elastic to keep the shoes fastened. Instead an ingenious toggle system allows you to tighten or loosen the laces quickly and easily, whilst giving you piece of mind that they will always stay fastened.

Greeper Easy Fasten Shoelaces Vs Elasticated Shoe Laces

Reviewers the world over have made comparisons between elasticated laces and the innovative design of the Greeper shoelace. “220 Triathlon” magazine recently voted the Greeper Lace as “editors choice” and many world-renowned athletes champion the Greeper lace over other elasticated brands. It’s fair to say that when elasticated laces are pitted-against Greeper Laces, Greeper “out-run” the competition every time!

The benefits of Greeper laces vs elasticated shoe laces:

  • Greeper Laces never come undone – ensuring complete shoe support and comfort, reducing the risk of injury, increasing performance.
  • Quick and easy to fasten – Simple toggle system allows you to loosen and tighten your shoes in seconds, without ever untying your laces.
  • Fully adjustable – Eliminates overly-long lace loops, provides the ultimate fit and promotes foot health, especially for sports.
  • Polyester laces – Elastic shoe laces can become weak and break whilst running – the use of traditional-style polyester laces removes the fear of laces ever breaking or loosing tension.
  • Much better support to the foot. The laces themselves do not stretch, therefore the shoe supports the foot much better than laces where the laces are stretching during movement.


Time-saving Sports Laces

Image of Caroline Steffan wearing red sportswear and orange greeper laces, running outdoors in Kona

Caroline Steffan – ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championship title-holder, wearing Greeper Laces.

One of the other pros of Greeper Laces is the time-saving aspect. Greeper Laces benefit from allowing you to quick-tighten your laces. If you are the sporting type, enjoying competitive sport – Greeper Laces can knock much needed seconds off you run-time.
The lace lock system allows super-swift lace tightening and the secure fitting provides security throughout your run.
This eliminates the need to stop-start to fix loose laces, and stops extra foot movement that often happens using elastic laces.
Once you have set up your Greeper Laces properly, they will help to shave those precious pit-stop seconds off your run time. Endorsed by Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington on Twitter:

We’ve found a review on amazon by a customer who purchased Greeper Laces for her sports-loving husband:

Bought these for my hubby as he is a keen triathlon competitor. Just what he required to save himself a few valuable seconds… Thank you.

Greeper Always Tied Shoelaces Used by Everyone

Although championed by professional athletes and amateur sports fans alike, Greeper laces are an affordable inclusive design that can be used by anyone.

Image of a girls feet wearing white trainers with a floral motif and bright pink Greeper laces

The bright colours and design of the Flats range of Greeper Laces are ideal for children’s shoes

Greeper laces come in a number of different styles and colours. The “Sports” design being perfect for all types of athletic sport-shoe and the “Hikers” design ideal for more outdoor-style footwear and activities.
The designers at Greeper understand the need for an everyday, easy to apply lace for  everyone, including people with impairments or disability. That is why they have produced a number of non-sport styles to assist those who simply need a lace solution for work or school.
The “Execs” and “Flats” ranges are the ultimate in inclusive design. These can be worn with smart dress-shoes, school shoes or trainers, yet still providing the same comfort and security of the more athletic designs.

Stay Tied Laces For Children

Many parents find the white and black sports or exec laces ideal for children at school. It removes the need for children to retie their laces or the danger of the shoes coming off or even being taken off (!) by children with disabilities or behavioural problems.  Like this recent feedback from Amazon: “bought these for my son who has autism and struggles to tie laces and they are perfect as he can do them on his own making him as independant as possible.”

For more information about Greeper Laces please see our previous post.

The full range of Greeper Laces are available at our new inclusive design boutique – Equ4l.com – Equipped 4 Life. To see our range and purchase Greeper Laces click the button below:

Orange button with text "buy at equ4l.com" - click to purchase