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Liverpool Mi Smarthouse

Liverpool Mi Smarthouse At the Museum of Liverpool there’s a small, unassuming exhibition which looks like the recreation of a normal house. When you get inside you realise it has been setup with every possible gadget and gizmo to support independence. The Mi Smarthouse is a project put together by More Independent (Mi). More Independent […]

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Bridgit – The Clever Crutch Holder

This simple little invention is something that may a big difference to people who use crutches and walking aids. People using crutches often need a crutch holder.  How exactly can you comfortably, easily and without too much trouble hold crutches or walking sticks when they’re not in use? Meet Bridgit – The Clever and Attractive […]

All New Topro Troja 2G Rollator

All New Topro Troja 2G Rollator Having previously discussed the fantastic Topro Troja Rollator back in February, we’re pleased to announce that a new model was introduced during the New Product Showcase at the 2012 Naidex National Convention in May. With all the benefits of the original model plus much more we’re excited to see […]