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Liverpool Mi Smarthouse

Liverpool Mi Smarthouse

Mi Smarthouse Kitchen Area

Mi Smarthouse Kitchen Area

At the Museum of Liverpool there’s a small, unassuming exhibition which looks like the recreation of a normal house. When you get inside you realise it has been setup with every possible gadget and gizmo to support independence. The Mi Smarthouse is a project put together by More Independent (Mi).

More Independent is a Government-funded initiative that is being piloted across four UK regions. As there website says the scheme exists to:

  • enable you to take charge of your health, wellbeing and lifestyle
  • use technology to allow you to feel safer and live more independently in your own home
  • give peace of mind to yourself and your family
  • reduce the amount of time you have to spend on appointments, by supporting you to manage better at home

The Mi Smarthouse at the museum is kitted out with a wide range of equipment covering all the key areas of the home. Here we’re taking a look at some of the gadgets they’ve highlighted and used in their perfect, accessible home.


These gadgets could be useful at any place in your home and can make it feel more safe and secure.

Fall Detector

Fall Detector

Fall Detector

A fall detector can be worn around your neck and it connected to a system which will alert your carer if you do fall even if they’re not on the premises.

Large Buttons Picture Telephone

Phone keypads can be hard to use and it can also be difficult to remember phone numbers. This phone has spaces for photographs of those people you call regularly as well as large, clear numbers for when you need to dial out.

Home Safety Alert

The Mi Smarthouse has a bonus caller panic button installed by the front door, giving the residents the chance to press the button if anyone arrives at the door who they’re not comfortable with. Similar home safety alarm system can be found elsewhere too.

Supra KeySafe

Supra KeySafe

Supra KeySafe

The Supra KeySafe is the UK’s first police approved key safe and is the perfect place to store your emergency keys. You choose a combination number and you can share this number only with somebody you trust implicitly.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon monoxide can kill. It’s odourless and can’t be seen so the only way to sense it before it is too late is with a dedicated carbon monoxide sensor. Sensors can be easily installed and can save your life.

Fingerprint Lock

A fingerprint lock is a great option if you struggle with keys. You can add the details of your carer and friends as authorised ‘pad-pressers’ so they can get in and out with ease when necessary too.


We’ve talked regularly about the importance of gadgets to make access to the kitchen easier. It’s potentially a dangerous environment so anything to make it less so is a good invention in our book. In the Mi Smarthouse they demonstrated a range of kitchen-specific gadgets.

Talking Microwave

The controls on a microwave oven can be difficult if you have difficulties with your vision or dexterity. A Talking Microwave Oven can help guide you to the buttons you need and it will also tell you when the door is open or closed and let you know whether the food needs stirring or left to stand.

Induction Hob

An induction hob only cooks the pot upon it. There is next to no danger of being burned by it and they’re becoming a common installation in supported living environments to aid independence. This type of hob is also energy efficient and reaches top temperatures in record time. In the Mi House the hob was fitted but they can also be bought as separate electric units .

One cup Kettle

one-cup_kettleWe’ve talked before about how useful the one cup kettle can be. Never worry about spilling boiling water as the kettle will dispense the exact amount you need with the simple pressing of a button.

Entertainment and Living Area

Many of these items listed below could be used all around the house but are most useful when you’re relaxing in front of the TV or lounging on the sofa.

Big Switch and Remote

Big Switch Remote

Big Switch Remote

A Remote Control Big Switch can be positioned wherever you need it to avoid bending to switch off items which have plug sockets uncomfortably out of reach. The big switch can be used with any electrical appliance in the home.

Voice Recorder Switches

If speech has always been or is becoming difficult then these small voice recorder switches can be used to record key phrases. They can have messages such as ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I want to go home’ ready recorded for when you’re home or out and about when speech has become difficult.

Chair Occupancy Alert

This item is extremely useful if you have an outside care team supporting you as it allows them to monitor the time spent out of your chair. If it seems exceptionally long they may phone you or come around the check everything is OK.

Big Jack Controller

Big Jack Multi-Controller

Big Jack Multi-Controller

The Big Jack can replace all your smaller, fiddly remotes and switches. It can be programmes for a whole range of jobs and can be used to change channels on the TV, switch off lights and even use the telephone.

Personal Care

The personal care element of the home is the most private. Both the bedroom and bathroom are places where you want to maintain as much independence as possible and some of these gadgets are designed to guarantee this as well as ensure you can get the help you need, when you need it.

Epilepsy Sensor

Epilepsy Sensor

Epilepsy Sensor

Living with any form of epilepsy or convulsions can be extremely frightening – especially if you’re alone when one occurs. This epilepsy sensor will alert an outdoor care team if a seizure is taking place, allowing them to provide the right support ASAP.

Enuresis Sensor

Enuresis Sensor

Enuresis Sensor

Designed to fit comfortable under the top sheet, an enuresis sensor will alert your carer to the fight signs of dampness whilst in bed – ensuring you’re not left uncomfortable for a long period of time. We have looked at these aids previously for helping children but they can be equally useful later in life.

Flood Detector

A flood detector will guarantee you never forget about another bath. It’s very easy to forget the bath is running but with the installation of a simple detector, it will be safe and you can avoid the risks of damage to your home and the even higher risk of slipping.

The Mi Smarthouse in Liverpool is one of the first examples of how all this technology can come together and successfully be used to help people remain in their own homes independently. You can take a virtual tour of the Smarthouse here. We recently visited the £D printing exhibition at the London Science Museum and will cover the potential benefits in a future post.

Low-Tech Lifesavers: Bridgit – The Clever Crutch Holder

This simple little invention is something that may a big difference to people who use crutches and walking aids. People using crutches often need a crutch holder.  How exactly can you comfortably, easily and without too much trouble hold crutches or walking sticks when they’re not in use?

Meet Bridgit – The Clever and Attractive Crutch Clip

A pair of crutches being held together by Bridgit a new walking stick and crutch holder

Bridgit Connecting Two Crutches

A Walking stick resting on the back of a chair being securely held by a crutch holder

Bridgit Securing A Walking Stick to A Chair

Bridgit is a clever little device which solves the problem. Simple and straightforward, Bridgit connects together two crutches or sticks in a stable X shape so they can rested securely against any convenient surface, such as a nearby wall or table. No longer do you have to worry about causing a hazard by lying your sticks on the floor or knocking them accidentally into other people. Also, as an extremely versatile product, Bridgit can even be used with single crutches or stick to hook them securely over backs of chairs or onto hand rails so they’re out of the way but still accessible when you need them. The unnecessary stress of bending and stretching to retrieve your aids can be completely removed.

Suitable for all walking sticks and crutches between 18 and 25mm, you could even use Bridgit with the funky and fashionable foldable sticks we’ve featured previously. The Bridgit Clutch Clip is both affordable and solves a problem. If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to keep your crutches/sticks accessible and within reach but not in anybody else’s way, this is it.

Made of a durable plastic they are lightweight and easy to clip on, as well as being strong and of good quality. Designed by the same team: Such and Such Design, who created the Duo double handed cup holder and the the Strawberi Straw Holder. The prototypes of the Bridgit Crutch Holder were shown to the public at Naidex 2011 and the Mobility Roadshow last year to test public opinion and improve the design.

Grab a Crutch Holder today!

Launched at this year’s Naidex National Convention in May, Bridgit Crutch Holder is a brand new product that is fast gaining fans. If you’re interested in purchasing your own Bridgit, click the box below:

Orange button with text "buy at equ4l.com" - click to purchase

Bridgit was also mentioned in a review of products from Such and Such design on the Disability Horizons site:

I'm doing a regular product review post for @. First up, 3 new designs from @ http://t.co/9MVaSnY2 #disability
@trabasack Duncan E.

The full article is here http://disabilityhorizons.com/2012/11/disability-products-really-useful-things-from-such-and-such-design/


If you are looking for a new crutch or walking stick and are wondering about what are the most stylish options, check out our new post about Cool Walking Sticks.

The simplicity and ease of use of the Bridgit Walking Stick and Crutch holder makes it one of the most popular mobility aids on the market. We’ve found an excellent review that really pinpoints the usefulness of the Bridgit and how it has helped the reviewer:

“So Very Useful” review written by Patricia Farr – Rated Five Stars (February 2013)

The cane holder is such a small, insignificant item – but oh so very useful. Instead of sitting in my wheelchair hanging on to my crutch awkwardly and sometimes dropping it, it is now held securely and I have both hands free.

Image of a black and green Bridgit walking stick holder, holding a walking stick on a banister rail.

Bridgit Walking Stick and Crutch Holder at Equ4L.com


The Bridgit Crutch and Walking Stick holder is now available to purchase online at Equ4L.com – Equipped 4 Life. Equ4L.com is a new, boutique-style online store featuring some of the most stylish, functional and inclusive mobility aids on the market.

To purchase the Bridgit Stick Holder or to have a browse of Equ4L.com, please click the button below:

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All New Topro Troja 2G Rollator

All New Topro Troja 2G Rollator

Having previously discussed the fantastic Topro Troja Rollator back in February, we’re pleased to announce that a new model was introduced during the New Product Showcase at the 2012 Naidex National Convention in May. With all the benefits of the original model plus much more we’re excited to see how this new model measures up and of course, give you a closer look at its specifications and check out any relevant customer reviews.

Since the original Troja won many awards the engineers behind the brand have put their all into developing an even more superior model, providing the requirements and surpassing the expectations of their customers. Officially launching in September 2011, the original roll out of the product came with the following video:

Unparalleled Levels of Comfort and Safety

Described as a premium rollator, the 2nd generation Troja is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. New features include ergonomically developed handles, to provide a wider range of possible hand positions whilst in use. Quick release wheels also mean you can now store the Troja 2G even more easily especially when travelling by car. Additional reflective panels have been fitted to further the security you feel whilst using your rollator and the model has also been equipped with further enhanced kerblifter technology, making those pesky curbs a worry of the past. These additional features are all on top of the standard features which already put the Norwegian brand at the top of the rollator market.

Both industry experts and users were excited and interested in the newest Topro product at Naidex and this hasn’t stopped as the product has reached a wider audience base. At Living with Disability we are excited when any new product is launched but particularly so when a produce we have recommended so highly in the past has surpassed itself and been improved further. To check out the specifications in more detail and purchase your own Topro Troja 2G, click in the information box below:


title TOPRO TROJA ROLLATOR TOPRO TROJA ROLLATOR Topro Troja 4 Wheel Deluxe Rollator Walker Silver Small Topro Olympos 4 Wheel Deluxe Rollator Outside Walker Silver Small Topro Olympos 4 Wheel Deluxe Rollator Outside Walker Dark Grey Medium
price 168.99 168.99 179.00 199.00 230.00
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link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info
  • This Topro Troja Rollator 4 Wheeled Walker is unique because it is very easy to fold and can stand on its wheels when folded
  • It requires little space when stored, ideal for people who travel by car, taxi, bus or aeroplane, also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This Topro Troja Rollator 4 Wheeled Walker is unique because it is very easy to fold and can stand on its wheels when folded
  • It requires little space when stored, ideal for people who travel by car, taxi, bus or aeroplane, also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • ?5 Year Warranty. ?Suitable for shower use.
  • ?Large tyres made for comfort when walking on rough surfaces such as cobblestones, dirt tracks or grass.
  • ?Spacious mesh basket with slip cover capable of carrying up to 10kg.
  • ?Made from weatherproof materials that can be easily washed down with a hose or steamed.
  • ?Easy to fold and unfold, the walker folds together meaning it requires little storage space.
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
Link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info