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Low-Tech Lifesavers: The Lite Cup Night Light

Lite Cup Night Light The lite cup night light is a handy drinking aid for night time drinks and hydrating in the dark. The built in light and non-spill features make it a useful bedside cup. At Living with Disability, we like to take into consideration the opinions and experiences of the blogging community and […]

Essential Items: Talking Watches

Essential Items: Talking Watches Living with a visual impairment can make what used to seem very straightforward suddenly very difficult. Simple things like getting out and about and even telling the time can become more difficult and hard to manage without support. However, maintaining an independent and active lifestyle is not something that has to […]

Essential Items: Big Button Telephones

Essential Items: Big Button Telephones Perfectly Designed for those living with visual and auditory disabilities The Big Button telephone is not a new invention and has been developed and redeveloped for many years. Their design is perfectly in tune with what users with visual and auditory impairments require and the latest design has come from […]