Best Bottom Wiper 2024

The Best Bottom Wipers for Personal Hygiene Maintaining personal hygiene can be challenging for people with limited mobility or flexibility. Reaching to wipe after using the toilet strains the back, shoulders, and hips. Fortunately, there are products called “bottom wipers” that extend your reach to make self-wiping easier and more comfortable. Key Points Table Key […]

Wheelchair Push Rims & Handrims – your secret weapon for push and grip

The Many Benefits of Wheelchair Pushrims Wheelchair pushrims, also called handrims or push rims, are an important part of manual wheelchairs. They allow the user to grip and propel the wheels forward through pushing motions. Selecting the right pushrims is crucial for wheelchair performance and preventing injury. This article will explore the clinical, functional, and […]

Trays and Wheelchair Trays: Essential Tools for Social Inclusion for Disabled People

Lets eat together! How trays can make a difference to social inclusion. What are trays and wheelchair trays? Definition: Trays and wheelchair trays are flat surfaces used on tables or wheelchairs. Purpose: They provide a stable platform for food, drinks, and other items. Importance: Vital for disabled peopl, aiding in independent eating and drinking, and […]