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A Little Page Holder for Books, The PageKeeper

Ingenious Ideas: The PageKeeper

This great little page holder for books was spotted by our friend Rob Davies of Mobility Choices. Rob brought the PageKeeper to the  UK, so that we can now get hold of a brilliant gadget for holding books open. At Living With Disability, we’ve talked previously about the value of the larger weighted page holders and how they can help with daily life, especially in the kitchen. Since then, we’ve discovered the innovative little page holding clip the PageKeeper which is an essential buy for any enthusiastic reader,  including people with impairments. More convenient and functional than your usual bookmark, the PageKeeper ‘automatically’ keeps your page.  Meaning that as your get through your book you’ll never lose your page again and you won’t have to remember to replace your book mark at the end of a night’s reading. This is an extremely useful and convenient page clip for anyone, but even more helpful if you live with a disability which affects your memory.

The Pagekeeper: user-friendly universal bookmark and page holder

The PageKeeper is a surprisingly simple invention and is easily clipped onto any book you choose to read. Whenever you turn a page the mechanism holds that page and then, the spring finger keeps your page so you don’t have to worry about losing your place or heeping the pages held open or, even worse, damage your book by turning over its corners. Keep your paperback collection in pristine condition with the easy to use yet ingenious PageKeeper.

page clip to hold books open

The simple yet ingenious PageKeeper

The PageKeeper has received some extraordinary reviews from its many customers across the globe. Not only the usual ‘nice little gift’ and ‘very useful for the avid reader’ this product has been exposed to some extreme treatment and will still hold a page, as you will see in the video below.

It is a must have for any bookworms out there. Universally designed so that whatever the size of your chosen book, you should have no trouble attaching your PageKeeper to it. As this video shows, the PageKeeper is extremely hardy and withstands even the most extreme product tests:

At Living with Disability we really like this gadget because you will will never have the  annoying daily habit of not being able to find your page or rereading the same section again and again. Or rereading the same section again and again ( 😉 annoying isn’t it!) If you’re interested in purchasing your own PageKeeper, they are low cost and you won’t be disappointed. You can buy one by clicking in the box below:

Ingenious Ideas: Page Holders

Page Holders, useful for any book

Some things are of benefit to everybody and a cookbook page holderis one of these items. A product which can be used to ensure that you can stay on the right page of your book and give your hands and arms a rest. It’s even more useful if you live with a disability which results in weak grip or difficult manipulating small things due to a motor skills problem.

Hands free and user friendly

With a cookbook page holder originally designed for heavy cookbooks so that you can get on with your cooking without worrying about dirtying your favourite cookbook, losing your page or forgetting an ingredient. With a simple glance at the page, you can check where you’re up to and continue whipping up your scrummy delights. There are a range of different types of page holder available and the price range also changes depending on the brand you opt for. You can find them as cheap at £5 but you’d probably only get a short shelf life out of them so if you’re a keen cook, it is worth investing a little more cash. When you’re preparing a meal with your latest Knork cutlery, you can be safe in the knowledge you’ve followed the recipe correctly thanks to your handy page holder.

Don’t just listen to us, listen to the customers

Fans of the product are extremely complimentary about its simplicity and how easy it is to use. It’s hard to believe something as simple as a piece of wire or metal strip can be so useful but it seems it really can. However some page holders have been praised for their stylish designs and ergonomic shape.  Others have said how useful this product can be if you live with arthritis or chronic pain as there’s no need to lift or move your weighty tome of a cookbook or indeed use for any book. You can let the page holder keep the page open while your hands rest. Have a look at this video to see how one brand of cookbook page holder works:

To find out more and buy your own cookbook page holder simply click in the box below: