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New Summer Range of Blue Badge Holders from The Blue Badge Company

New Summer Range from The Blue Badge Company

Peace and Love: Sixties Themed Blue Badge Holders

Pink Peace and Love Design

Back in December we took a close look at the funky and fashionable Blue Badge Holders available from the Blue Badge Company and highlighted how they’d attend that year’s Naidex Convention. Well, they were back this year with a bright and exciting new range of holders, displayed in the New Product Showcase. This new range of products has a summery theme and it’s all about Love & Peace. Bright and bold, this sixties inspired summery design is bound to bring in many more customers looking for a way of jazzing up their Blue parking badge.

Fantastic Range of Colours

Blue Peace and Love Design

As our photos show, the range of colours available for these new holders are fantastic and even better, The Blue Badge Company have put together some fantastic package deals which even offer this funky pink design with an accessible RADAR toilet key in a package so you can benefit from both products in one go and the benefits of RADAR keys is something we have discussed at length in the past. It’s great to see a company who are considering design and fashion alongside the practicality of their creation and it shows that it is possible to invent products which cater to those living with disabilities without making them look both clinical and ugly.

Of course, if these new designs aren’t your thing there are over EIGHTY other designs to choose from and there’s bound to be one that appeals to you and it makes a change from your standard plastic wallet and gives a little personality to your vehicle. The New Peace & Love range was exhibited at Naidex and gained plenty of feedback and positive support from patrons and delegates at the event, so much so that one design is considered a bestseller amongst the ranks and if you’re interested in buying any of the new designs, click the images below to purchase from Disability Horizons:

Image of a tropical design blue badge protector in its packaging

“Jungle” design Blue Badge Protector

Image of a blue herringbone fabric blue badge protector in its packaging

Blue Badge wallet in a blue herringbone fabric

Image of a daschund design blue badge protector in its packaging

Blue Badge holder with a daschund print







Image of a cat design blue badge protector in its packaging

Classic cat design for this blue badge protector

Image of a William Morris design blue badge protector in its packaging

William Morris inspired blue badge protector

Something Different: Unique Blue Badge Holders

Something Different: Unique Blue Badge Holders

Every now and again we come across a product which we really rate for its individuality. These blue badge holders are one such

Blue Badge holder

Multi Terrain Camo patterned Blue Badge Holder

product. We first saw the new Blue Badge Company exhibiting at Naidex South 2011, and we were really impressed by the quality, range and bright colours available.

The Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company was launched  in 2010 by designer Camilla Hall, who didn’t like the ordinary, plain and awkward-to-use Blue badge wallets that were available.

She wanted to create something that reflected the user’s individual style, that they would be comfortable using every day.

Creating a new format she found specially tested acetate windows that allow the Badge and timer permit to be displayed clearly & legally.

Finally, here is a product which allows for a bit of style and funkiness to jazz up a blue badge!

The exotic Fire Cracker Blue Badge Holder design

These blue badge holders and parking display wallets come in a wide range of patterns and styles. Produced by the Blue Badge Company, you can be assured of their quality and they’re much more stylish than the traditional blue badge holders or disability parking badge wallets that we have seen available. Made in Britain, in fact, hand made in a workshop in Bristol, they use fully UK sourced materials. These wallets are designed to provide Blue Badge holders with an practical but stylish item which can express their own individuality instead of looking clinical and boring. There are a massive EIGHTY designs to choose from and from seeing the range on their impressive show stand, we think almost every taste is covered, from Pink PVC to suede! They make an absolutely awesome gift for a friend or relative who uses a Blue Badge.

Fabrics range from the girly Cath Kidston inspired Cathy to the more traditional Westwood and many more besides. You can get almost any design you can think of from the very popular purple Chinese silk to Army camouflage and anyone who has a disabled badge will be happy with their new product.

If you’re interested in buying one of these great Blue Badge Holders, click here to view the leather and patterned fabric ranges available from the Disability Horizons store.

Image of a William Morris design blue badge protector in its packagingPhotograph of a blue leather blue badge holder