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Zec Reviews – Trabasack Mini Connect

The following is a wonderful review of the Trabasack Mini Connect, kindly written for us by fellow blogger Zec.

Zec has been a wheelchair user for a number of years, and we’re glad to say that his Trabasack Mini Connect seems to have provided the perfect perch for his tablet computer whilst not only out-and-about, but at home, too!

Please read on for Zec’s review and you will find further info about his blog at the end.

I have on my lap a bag/tray called a Trabasack© that was sent to me to try and review, I always review honestly. I have seen a Trabasack on Facebook and Twitter before but and here is a confession, I thought it’s something I wouldn’t need as I thought it might be for someone who has higher needs than me.

Photographic overview of the Trabasack Mini Connect in its packaging, which lists the benefits and features of the lap tray bag

A brand new Trabasack Mini Connect in packaging – ready to be tried and tested!

The one I have on my lap is the Mini Connect, it’s the smaller of the two that I was sent but I have immediately decided it’s my favourite.

It’s about 14 by 10 inches with two very sturdy fabric carry handles; on one side is a flat tray that is covered with a fabric that the hook side of Velcro will attach to. A zip with a double open zip with rings attached to the zipper that allow very easy opening even if you have poor grip, manual dexterity and arthritic hands would be able to open it easily.

Inside a zipped pocket contains a bean bag that allows the bag to mould to your legs, this means it’s not only very comfortable and this is important because my legs are very sensitive, it also means the bag is level on your lap. I use a Sony Xperia Z tablet because a laptop hurts my legs; I spend a lot of time laid in bed or on the settee and the tablet is ideal.

Photograph shows the back of a white tablet computer case, with two parallel strips of black adhesive hook tape on the back.

Securing items such as tablet computers or iPads to the surface of the Mini Connect is quick and easy, using our adhesive velcro tape.

Now that I have the Trabasack Mini Connect it’s even better, I used a pack of Trabasack Hook sticking tape, a pack contains four 2.5 x 30cm pieces and I used two pieces on my tablet case and attached it to the tray, in hindsight one piece cut into two would have been adequate because it is more than secure. I’m laid slightly to one side but the Mini Connect is still sat straight and secure, inside I have my meds for today and my mobile phone, although there is room for it on the tray and that is what I have just done now I have thought of it.

I keep my glasses secure when not wearing them by sliding an arm through one of the D rings. Laid in bed the tablet can sit on the Trabasack on my stomach or on the quilt and doesn’t slip and slide about. I have hung the Trabasack on the back of my wheelchair next to the settee to watch a film and there must be many more ways that I haven’t used yet. It is also ideal for when I have an outpatient appointment; I take my tablet along to pass the time because quite often it’s a long wait.

Now I’m not a slim person, some may even go as far as to say I had a big belly and I guess they are right. So sat in my wheelchair, my lap space is at a premium, having the tablet on my lap is awkward and I have to make sure I hold it, in between I have to put it in my rucksack on the back of my wheelchair and its almost asking for someone to steal it, but now it can sit on my lap secure and I can put it inside the Trabasack when I’m finished and know it’s in sight and safe.

Photograph of a tablet computer and iPhone attached to the tray surface of the Trabasack Mini Connect wheelchair tray bag

Here Zec’s phone and tablet computer sit safe and secure upon the tray surface of the Mini Connect.

I have had the Trabasack Mini Connect for a good few weeks, my tablet is always attached to the front and when I am not using it, I just flip the tablet case closed and it stays there. All I do when I want it is to pick up the Mini connect by the handles and onto my lap and open the tablet, it then sits on my lap so naturally, it even sits on one leg without a balance problem. Yesterday I took the tablet off of the Trabasack for the first time and honestly I didn’t like it and put it straight back on, it’s perfect and my in-laws were talking about getting one for their iPads.

The Trabasack can be carried by the handles, over one shoulder with one strap or worn like a rucksack. In a wheelchair a strap can go around your waist (unless you are a biscuit eater like me) or two side straps can attach to the wheelchair or buggy. I slide a strap around my thighs and it is secure. The thing is, the Trabasack Mini isn’t just handy because I have a disability, it would be useful on the train or in a car, its handy storage for a tablet or notebook and some extra items that you need to take along. The design is perfect and the optional media mount attachment can be used to hold an ipad, tablet or kindle at the right angle or wrapped to hold a bottle in place.

All in all a great product that serves as a bag and a surface to work on and connect your tech.

Thanks again Zec for such a fantastic and positive review of the Trabasack Mini Connect! If you’d like to read more about Zec, please visit his blog “Sat on My Butt” for lots of insightful life stories, and his journey living with chronic pain.

The Trabasack Wheelchair Lap Tray

The Trabasack Wheelchair Lap Tray

It can be difficult for wheelchair users to find the right bag for their needs, especially if they want to carry a laptop, iPad, or small detachable speech simulator with them. And many of us who use wheelchairs know how frustrating it is to have our movement restricted by a conventional wheelchair tray.

Picture of Trabasack Curve

Ideal for meals, or a quick cuppa on the move!

The Trabasack range of wheelchair lap trays could be just what the situation calls for. Trabasack wheelchair lap trays have one side as tray surface that is firm and flat enough to write and work upon, and underneath a small beanbag sac that helps the trabasack to rest levelly on your knees without adding to the weight. Your Trabasack lap tray is convenient to carry and use on your lap wherever you are and whatever you’re doing: to sign forms in the bank; to rest your cup of coffee; to write notes; or for crafting.

Between the flat and beanbag surfaces of the Trabasack is a securely zipped bag with more than enough space for your daily needs. The Trabasack Curve is large enough for a 14″ laptop or notebook computer – it’s shaped to fit perfectly round the waist, and has no hard corners. The Trabasack Mini is super slim but large enough for iPads and most smaller laptops and notepads, and for A4 documents.

A Trabasack comes with handles and a choice of straps, so as well as a wheelchair lap tray it can be used as a briefcase, a messenger bag, or a shoulder bag. You can machine wash your Trabasack, and of course it comes with a one year guarantee.

Both types of  Trabasack come with a choice of surfaces on the flat side. The standard Trabasack has black leather-style PVC, easy to wipe clean and hardwearing. The Curve has a soft Velcro ready surface: anything with Velcro “hooks” attached will stick to it. So, for instance, you could attach velcro to your phone, remote control, games console, or a child’s toy, and be sure it won’t fall out of reach.

Here is a video testimonial from public speaker, Dr Mark Edworthy, that explains why he finds it useful:

Altogether the Trabasack is that rarest of things: a multipurpose product that really does succeed in all it sets out to do. Very highly recommended!


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