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Trays and Wheelchair Trays: Essential Tools for Social Inclusion for Disabled People

Lets eat together! How trays can make a difference to social inclusion. What are trays and wheelchair trays? Definition: Trays and wheelchair trays are flat surfaces used on tables or wheelchairs. Purpose: They provide a stable platform for food, drinks, and other items. Importance: Vital for disabled peopl, aiding in independent eating and drinking, and […]

Best One Handed Dressing Aids

Best One-Handed Dressing Aids If you or someone you know has difficulty dressing due to a disability, injury, or condition affecting one hand, there are a variety of products available to make the process easier. Here are some of the best one-handed dressing aids: 1. Button Hook A button hook is a simple tool that […]

Can Alexa be a telecare system to listen out when you need emergency help?

Could Amazon’s Alexa disrupt the telecare industry? If you need help and can’t reach a phone, Amazon’s Alexa could be a lifeline. Amazon’s hands-free devices are becoming more and more popular for disabled people who are finding them a boon for enhancing daily life, with an easy interface and voice control of music, books, information  and […]