RADAR Toilet Key for Accessing Disabled Toilets – Large, easy turn head

Image of a RADAR key with a large, easy turn head

RADAR keys allow you to access over 9,000 public disabled toilets across the UK

A RADAR key is a specifically designed key which allows you to access disabled toilets across the UK. There are approximately 9,000 public disabled toilets in England and although some can be accessed via staff at bars, pubs and shopping centres – having your own personal RADAR key with you can eliminate the need to ask for assistance when you need to use the toilet.

Small and incredibly handy, the RADAR key can be stored on your keyring and used when out and about, providing you with instant access to bathroom facilities without having to find somebody to open the door for you.

Living with a disability shouldn’t mean you have to ask for permission when you need to use the toilet, and by purchasing your own RADAR key you can have the freedom and independence to access one of the thousands of disabled toilets across the UK.


There are a number of fake RADAR keys on the market, which do not feature the word RADAR engraved into the key handle. These fake keys are poor quality, break easily, and only feature 2 lever locks which will prevent you from accessing a number of disabled toilets.


Image of a RADAR key with a large, easy turn head

Genuine RADAR keys feature engraving, and can unlock 5 lever mortice locks

Genuine RADAR keys will work on 5 lever mortice locks and guarantee you have access to all disabled toilets across the country, whilst also providing funding and support for the RADAR scheme. You can purchase genuine RADAR keys directly from shop.DisabilityHorizons.comcurrently on offer 2 for £9.


* The RADAR key can unlock over 9,000 wheelchair & disability toilets nationwide


* An essential item – Pop on your keyring and carry it everywhere


* Fake keys do not support the scheme – They do not fit every lock either!