Signature Name Stamps

Ingenious Ideas: Signature Name Stamps

Signature Name Stamps can be used to create a legal signature with a rubber stamp, so that the person does not need to write or create a signature that looks the same every time.

Whilst working behind the bar in a pub, I came came across this ingenious yet simple device which helped a customer living with motor neurone syndrome independently purchase their drinks. The item in question is a signature stamp. In this particular instance, the customer was unable to sign their name or use a CHIP and PIN device but was able to use their personally designed signature stamp, ingenious don’t you think?

Carry your pre-printed signature with you wherever you go

A Signature Stamp is a great way of getting rid of the worry or embarrassment of trying to write a consistent signature every time. Many people have disabilities that affect their fine motor skills but it’s also something you can plan in advance if you live with a degenerative condition. Another use for a signature stamp would be for signing letters and other documents, so that you do not need the help of someone to sign or act on your behalf. It may only seem like a small thing but it is another important element of daily life and independence that you can maintain.

Scanned Signature into a Rubber Stamp

Most companies who provide signature stamps require you to scan a copy of signature over and then they’ll send out your personalised stamp, complete with ink pad which makes it extremely easy to carry around and take out when you’re planning a shopping trip. An everyday item which has been used in businesses for years can become a handy friend for you to use on a daily basis.

A hand holding a stamp that leaves your signature

A simple but ingenious signature stamp

Customers who own a personalised signature stamp are extremely pleased with the results and many have remarked how it allows them to be more independent and comfortable when out and about. Equally, they can be helpful for people who may live in anxiety related conditions and find it hard to write or communicate under pressure. With your own signature stamp you can order and pay for items in many instances without having to discuss or feel pressured or rushed.
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Are these stamps legal to use on documents in the UK

In response to a comment from Robin who blogs at we made some enquiries to check that the stamps can be legally used as a signature.

We found a very useful PDF leaflet from Ataxia UK that was written by Stephen Mason, author of Electronic Signatures in Law and editor of the e-Signature Law Journal.

English judges have taken a pragmatic approach to the manuscript signature.
In essence, a signature can take any form, providing it acts to prove the person intended
to sign the document.

The PDF describes several instances of people using stamps when they have had degenerative conditions, and the first recorded use of a ‘seal’ in 1681!

Guidance from the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) states that English law recognises
as a valid signature not only one written manually by the signatory but also one appropriately
embossed using a facsimile signature stamp.

If you find that your bank or shop refuses to accept a signature name stamp you can also rely on the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 as service providers must ensure they provide an equal service to disabled people. We would be very interested to hear of the experiences people have had using signature stamps in the comments below.