Essential Items: The Bed Leaver

Essential Items: The Bed Leaver

Some items are essential to our every day lives and are integral to ensuring we can get on without too much trouble and stress. Whilst living with a disability, the range of equipment and gadgetry used on a daily basis can be vast and there are some items which are absolutely essential to ensure a decent quality of life. One of these items is the Bed Leaver.

What is a Bed Leaver?

A Bed Leaver is probably the most well known bed grab rail that is used by both medical professionals and individuals in their own homes. They can be found in hospitals, respite centres and residential homes and as this tweet describes, they can really be an essential piece of kit:

@ For bedleaver Without it I'd never get up (or sit up or roll over...!) #disabilitygadgets I love my bedleaver....
Warped Woman

A Bed Leaver can help people with mobility difficulties sit up and get out of bed if necessary. With the support of a Bed Leaver, many people can feel significantly more independent and in control of their own lives. Used by both social services and medical professionals, this product has numerous recommendations behind it and the product itself is great quality.

An example of a Bed Leaver

As the photo shows, the Bed Leaver grab rail is mounted upon high grade plywood which is designed not to split or splinter and it has a well-finished end block which looks great on the outside of your bed. The rail itself looks like any regular bed rail and the wooden finish of the end block means you bed doesn’t end up looking too clinical.

The Bed Leaver is designed specifically for divan-style beds and can be fitted to single, double or king-size beds. With a Bed Leaver grab rail you can easily get in and out of bed without struggling and you can sit up and down with ease too. Living with a mobility disability can be difficult and aids like this can support daily life and make it a little bit easier.

The Bed Leaver is recommended by occupational therapists and other medical professionals alike so if you’re looking for a grab rail for your bed, click the box below for more info:

2 Responses to “Essential Items: The Bed Leaver”

  1. Duncan says:

    Thank you very much for your comment Glenn. If you have a product or an idea for a product you would like to see reviewed on here, please let me know or tweet me @lwdisability.

  2. Glenn says:

    my wife Sue is a long time user of the bed leaver. It’s so much an essential, we even bought a second one to travel with. Ours has been to America twice. a useful travel tip is you can take the two screws out and it fits in a suitcase. another tip is, be careful if you fit it to a bed with electric rise and fall, it’s then easy to strain the straps and break the catches, but, easy to get spares.cA truly excellent very simple product, and highly recommended.


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