Essential Items: Medibands

Essential Items: Medibands

At Living with Disability we understand that thousands of people around the country live with hidden disabilities which are completely unnoticeable physically. We also understand that a range of disabilities can make communication and voicing a problem very difficult, which is why we think these Medibands are fantastic idea, especially to help out in an emergency.

Stylish and functional
Medibands are available in a range of colourful designs and like medical dog tags before them indicate exactly what condition the wearer has or perhaps how to treat them. A lot of the Medibands available are allergy related, which can be truly lifesaving but you can also get completely customisable ones which are designed to be written on. These are brilliant as there’s space to write a couple of important points such as ‘non-verbal, communicates through Makaton’ or ‘coeliac, use epi-pen’. This customisability is brilliant as you can ensure exactly what you want to convey in an emergency is immediately available to both the emergency services and any individuals who may try and help in a crisis situation.
As you can see, there is a huge range of different Medibands available and they come in a range of sizes so you will be able to find a suitable size. There are cute girly designsand also more professional looking bands perfect if you prefer to remain discreet about your circumstances. Bands can display your condition, your allergies, instructions or even what particular medication you’re on (as pictured).
The Medibands can truly be lifesaving and there are many happy customers that testify to this. Customers are happy with the way that Medibands can alert professionals to their condition without having to scream and shout about and many also find these Medibands more practical and accessible than traditional dog-tag style medical jewellery.
To find out more about the range of Medibands available and to make a purchase, click in the box below:

 To see the full range click here

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