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Low Tech Lifesavers: Hydrant Water Bottle

Low Tech Lifesavers: Hydrant Water Bottle

The Hydrant Water Bottle

Created by inventor Mark Moran, who found himself thirsty and unable to get a drink whilst in hospital, the Hydrant is a simple but accessible design.

Some things are essential on a daily basis. Things such as eating, drinking and communicating are things which we expect to be able to do on a daily basis without too much difficultly. Living with a disability can mean support is needed to achieve these daily essential tasks and there are inventions out there to aid them. One of these items is the Hydrant water bottle.

The Hydrant water bottle is an innovative and intelligent design which making drinking simple for those who may have dexterity or fine motor problems. With a Hydrant water bottle there is no need to hold your drinking vessel, allowing you to drink with ease. The opportunity to drink freely can hugely aid the independence of those with limited mobility. It gives the ability to satisfy your own thirst without assistance as well as increasing your bodies ability to work and general well being.

This design is completely unique and the one-litre sized bottle which can be hung from your chair, bed or wheelchair and its drinking tube can be kept safely on your lap within your reach. To take a drink, there is a straightforward bite valve which you simply bite onto and suck. This design means there’s no risk of spillage and the design is patronised by Sir Ranulph Fiennes which shows exactly how much faith there is in this design. It’s used in hospitals, residential homes and by individuals in their own homes and is especially useful in combating dehydration.

What do Hydrant customers think?

Image shows the Hydrant water bottle with drinking tube on a white background
Hydrant water bottle

Hydrant water bottle makes drinking more accessible and helps prevent dehydration and thirst, aiding recovery and general health. This idea is very low tech but customers are extremely pleased with their purchase. Sir Ralph described it as “simply brilliant and brilliantly simple” and many users are amazed at how it’s helping them from such an obvious idea! In many cases, customers have been able to monitor their drinking more closely and dehydration is no longer a worry.

This product is a great low-tech development which can be used in the home and when out and about and really solves a problem which many people deal with on a daily basis, the inability to easily access a drink.

Also available is the Sports Hydrant, this is an easy grip and smaller bottle without the tube. It holds 500ml and looks just like an ordinary sports water bottle. The benefit is though, that it has a long handle that can be easily grabbed or clipped onto a wheelchair or bed head. We use them everywhere, in bed, out on days out and the children get them as school water bottles! Highly recommended.

Image of the Sports Hydrant drinks bottle

Sports Hydrant – Buy at

Image of the Hydrant 750ml drinks bottle with tube

Hydrant 1 litre – Buy at

New Video from Hydrant for Health showing the uses in a hospital setting, showing how much it has improved the health and well being of patients.

Jim Easton, NHS National Director for Improvement and Efficiency, gives a short presentation about the effect of dehydration in hospitals and how The Hydrant helps with monitoring of how much people are drinking, as well as making it so much easier for a person to get a drink.

The rest of the video shows patients and nurses from The Great Western Hospital in Swindon talking about how it reduces reliance on drips and IV fluids and helps people drinking during the night and prevents infections caused dehydration.

‘The Hydrant……cheap, easy to implement, tackling the most basic problem. Potentially one of the ideas with the highest return to investment ratio I have ever seen’ Jim Easton

‘Simply Brilliant. Brilliantly Simple’ Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“If you can’t reach a drink, if you can reach it but can’t lift it, if you can lift it but not hold it, you will usually need someone to help you. But the hydrant is a simple delivery mechanism that reduces dehydration and increases a persons independence” Mark Moran, Inventor or the Hydrant.

“It has hugely improved the quality of life for our patients and as such The Hydrant should be a standard part of any hospital’s armour in the battle against dehydration” Liz Evans, Nutrition Nurse Specialist, Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

UPDATE the Hydrant has been approved for use in 50 NHS trusts and will help patients in hospital!

Award-Winning Design

Image of Queen's Award for Innovation logo - shows a blue lowercase 'e' with wings, with a crown on top

Hydrate for Health have won the 2013 Queen’s Award for Innovation

The unique innovate design of the Hydrant has also won a number of awards. Most recently the creator, Mark Moran, founder of Hydrate for Health, won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
He is one of approximately 150 people or companies to have received the award this year. The Queen’s Award for Innovation is the highest honour that can be received in terms of business success, further proving the functionality and usability of Mark’s design.

The annual awards ceremony will see Mark Moran attend a special invitation to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen in person. As an extra boon for the Hydrant, the packaging can now carry the Queen’s Award emblem for the next five years, a clear indication of the quality and importance of this product.

Our Recommended Best Buy

Image of the Hydrant 750ml drinks bottle with tube

Hydrant 1 litre – Buy at

Our favourite version is the 1 litre Hydrant – with a drinking tube/straw that includes a bite-valve built-in to the end, to ensure liquids can be taken at any point, without fear of spillage. There is a recent review here

I bought a Hydrant so I can drink when breastfeeding my daughter and it is completely ideal. It means I can feed in bed and if I get thirsty can simply reach for the drinking tube and keep hydrated. The need to keep hydrated whilst breastfeeding is often overlooked, especially by me, but this Hydrant completely solves the problem.



If you are interested in purchasing a Hydrant drinks bottle, please click the images below:


Essential Items: Topro Troja Rollator Walker Reviews

Essential Items: Topro Troja Rollator

There are a range of disabilities which can make getting out and about quite a trial and there are products out there designed to aid independence in the community as well as the home. The TOPRO TROJA ROLLATOR is a supportive walker which is well designed, versatile and affordable and is complete with all the features you need to pop to the shops or visit a friend with ease.

The Original Rollator

Topro Rollator Walker picture

Click on the photo for more information

The Troja is the original rollator walker designed by the Norwegian brand Topro and it is known for being the best in the business with other competitors falling short of its top quality design. The best feature of this walk is its extreme versatility, with three different sizes available to cover the different heights of individual users. You can also get the Troja in a range of different colours, meaning you can pick the one which suits you and your personality best.

Lightweight and travel-friendly

The Troja is a four wheeled walker, which allows for maximum support when being used and it is extremely easy to fold away and store safely, with the added bonus of being able to remain on its wheels when stored. As it’s such a small and portable item it’s great for putting in the boot of your car, using on the bus or even in the hold of an aeroplane. The Troja is also equipped with powerful breaks to maintain complete control when using it.

This video shows the Topro Troja in use:

As the video shows, the Topro Troja Rollator is fantastic for using in all locations and provides great support for the user. Customers never fail to be impressed with the flexibility and support provides by the Troja and it really is the number one walker around. If you’re interested in finding out more, click on the box below:

To find out about the brand new addition to the topro troja range see our new post:  Topro 2G

To see other Rollator Walker Reviews see the table below:


title Aidapt Aluminium Rollator Walking Aid Lightweight Rollator with Bag – Red Z-TEC Deluxe Lightweight Aluminium Tri-Walker in Metallic Red Able2 Aluminium 4-wheel Rollator Walker (Blue) Powertek 4 Wheel Indoor/ Outdoor Rollator
Height 36.61 inch
Length 28.35 inch
Width 22.44 inch
Weight 17.64 pound
Binding Personal Care Personal Care Personal Care Personal Care
price 56.00 53.99 56.80 79.90 107.35
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Brand Aidapt Drive Medical Z-TEC Electrovision by MotionPerformance POWERTEK
Color Silver
  • Lightweight, strong aluminium frame durable enough for daily use
  • Anatomically-designed handgrips and loop cable brakes, suitable for users with little grip power
  • Supplied with a useful basket and comfortable, padded seat
  • Folds for easy storage and transportation
  • 114 kg (18 stone) user weight limit
Title Aidapt Aluminium Rollator Walking Aid Lightweight Rollator with Bag – Red Z-TEC Deluxe Lightweight Aluminium Tri-Walker in Metallic Red Able2 Aluminium 4-wheel Rollator Walker (Blue) Powertek 4 Wheel Indoor/ Outdoor Rollator
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
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Essential Items: The Bed Leaver

Essential Items: The Bed Leaver

Some items are essential to our every day lives and are integral to ensuring we can get on without too much trouble and stress. Whilst living with a disability, the range of equipment and gadgetry used on a daily basis can be vast and there are some items which are absolutely essential to ensure a decent quality of life. One of these items is the Bed Leaver.

What is a Bed Leaver?

A Bed Leaver is probably the most well known bed grab rail that is used by both medical professionals and individuals in their own homes. They can be found in hospitals, respite centres and residential homes and as this tweet describes, they can really be an essential piece of kit:

@ For bedleaver Without it I'd never get up (or sit up or roll over...!) #disabilitygadgets I love my bedleaver....
Warped Woman

A Bed Leaver can help people with mobility difficulties sit up and get out of bed if necessary. With the support of a Bed Leaver, many people can feel significantly more independent and in control of their own lives. Used by both social services and medical professionals, this product has numerous recommendations behind it and the product itself is great quality.

An example of a Bed Leaver

As the photo shows, the Bed Leaver grab rail is mounted upon high grade plywood which is designed not to split or splinter and it has a well-finished end block which looks great on the outside of your bed. The rail itself looks like any regular bed rail and the wooden finish of the end block means you bed doesn’t end up looking too clinical.

The Bed Leaver is designed specifically for divan-style beds and can be fitted to single, double or king-size beds. With a Bed Leaver grab rail you can easily get in and out of bed without struggling and you can sit up and down with ease too. Living with a mobility disability can be difficult and aids like this can support daily life and make it a little bit easier.

The Bed Leaver is recommended by occupational therapists and other medical professionals alike so if you’re looking for a grab rail for your bed, click the box below for more info: