Ingenious Ideas: The Uriwell Portable Toilet Range

Ingenious Ideas: The Uriwell Range

Personal care is one of those extremely private concerns which we at Living with Disability understand should be treated with dignity and respect. The Uriwell product range is a fantastic set of products which make dealing with urinary or bladder weakness in both adults and children, providing a means of discreetly and comfortably relieving yourself without having to worry about searching for the less than easy to access toilet facilities or when in the car.

Uriwell Adult

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The Original Uriwell

The Adult Uriwell product is designed to be used by unisex customers and allows for easy and discreet urination without worry or upset. It becomes your own portable toilet. It can help you avoid those awkward situations where you are no longer able to hold on and also allows for more dignity and control in situations where there simply is no facility available. Small and easy to store, you can secrete your Uriwell away with no issues and easily access it when necessary. Fitted with a leak proof lid and easy to clean, this product solves a problem for which there may not have been an answer before.

This short video shows the Uriwells specifications and features:

The video doesn’t focus specifically on some of the more common uses of the Uriwell but does show the full range including the children’s HappyPee

HappyPee for Kids

The Bright and Amusing HappyPee

The HappyPee product has been designed with young children in mind and can even be used as a potty training aid for older children, or those who suffer anxiety in public places and therefore would struggle to handle public toilets and such like. As the photo shows the HappyPee has been designed with humour in mind and could easily distract an anxious child from their worries whilst they go. Portable and easy to use, the HappyPee is a great way of ensuring your child feels happy when out and about and needs toilet access. Like the adult Uriwell, the HappyPee is a unisex product.

Reviews for both products have been fantastic, solving many ‘caught short’ problems but also removing the anxiety from trips out and making travelling a much less stressful experience. With your Uriwell to hand you never have to worry about being caught short, suffering from an impromptu accident or anything else.

A recent reviewer said


The product exactly as described, my grandson is most willing to use it – its made going for a wee-wee exciting.


Uriwell have also introduced a multipack option: the Happy Family – Multipack Range.  This is a 3 pack including a blue Uriwell, a pink Uriwell (an identical design but in pink), and a Happy Pee, the child friendly shape that can, of course, still be used by adults. Repackage these as gifts or use them yourself as a way of getting 3 uriwells at a very low price. One for the car, one for the bedroom and one for carrying with you.