Baby Boa Constrictor – Jar and Bottle Opener

Low-tech Lifesavers: Baby Boa Constrictor

A really innovative jar and bottle opener that fits almost any sized lid.  Another essential kitchen gadget if you struggle with difficult to open jars, lids and bottles.


When you take a look at your kitchen there are probably many things you couldn’t access or utilise without help from additional gadgets. One of these is a Baby Boa Constrictor and of course, we’re not talking about snakes but an innovative little device which will become an essential part of your home within days of purchase.

This tweeter testifies how helpful a Baby Boa can be:

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What is a Baby Boa?

The Baby Boa

The Baby Boa is a cleverly designed strap wrench which you can simple attach and use to open jars, bottles, tins and other tight lids. It’s a great gadget for anybody who has difficulty with grip, dexterity problems or related conditions. It can be used for hundreds of different tasks but is most known for its role in the kitchen, opening the morning jar of marmalade or pasta sauce for tea. It can unscrew almost any shaped lid without causing any scratches or damage; it’s a simply perfect design. It also has a soft grip handle which makes it easy to keep hold of.

The Baby Boa is designed to provide great grip for any item from 10 to 100m in diameter and is very simple to use. All you do is place the loop of the device over the item and pull the tail end until fully tightened, at which point you can turn it in the direction of the arrow labelled on the lid.

Reviewers also give this product great feedback, describing it as ‘very versatile and fits any size of top’ and ‘will be good for any tight lids’, which shows that it really does work and could be something that could make your cooking and dining experience much easier.

If you’re looking for a gadget to help aid independence in the kitchen, you should certainly consider a Baby Boa. For more information about this innovative jar and bottle opener, please click the box below.