Supporting Talent: Stickman Artist and Cartoonist Hannah Ensor

Stickman Artist and Cartoonist: Hannah Ensor


At Living with Disability, we love to celebrate talented individuals and the work they produce. One such person is Hannah Ensor (@stickmancrips) who illustrates and writes cartoon books about life ‘on wheels’  as well as producing children’s books with ‘her’ charities Whizz-Kidz and HMS benefiting from the proceeds. At Living With Disability we love the witty and endearing style used throughout the books and the cleverly drawn characters.

Hilarious and heart-warming

As well as providing a humorous look about life on wheels and living with disabilities, Hannah also gives her reader a true portrait of exactly how it feels to be living with a disability and all the seemingly hilarious things that can happen, if only they weren’t happening to you. In You Know You’ve Been Pushing it When… we get a hilariously funny and witty look at life in a wheelchair, complete with Ensor’s complementary cartoons which just add more humour to her work. With every copy of this book sold, £1 is donate to HMS, the Hypermobility Syndrome charity.

Whizz-Kids Fundraisers

Stickman artist, Ensor has also written two children’s books, with the charity Whizz-Kids benefiting from the proceeds. Written for 2-5 year olds, Welly Walks and Biscuit Baking feature stickman cartoon kids in wheelchairs and are instrumental books for understanding the fear of being ‘different’ as a child growing up with a disability. Both are extremely funny, entertaining and pitched perfectly for their age group. Even better, £1 per sale goes to the Whizz-Kids charity, who strive to give disabled children the chance to lead independent fulfilling lives.

Ensor’s work extends beyond her books and as her success continues, we’ll be seeing more and more of her work in the public domain, with more commissions being sought all the time. From political protest to company logos, Hannah Ensor has a talent which deserves to be celebrated. Follow her work and success on her blog or on twitter.

If you’re interested in buying any of the books, please click here to visit the Disability Horizons store.

Image of the Welly Walks book by Hannah Ensor Image of the Biscuit Baking book by Hannah Ensor