Ingenious Ideas: The Buckingham Bra Angel

Ingenious Ideas: The Buckingham Bra Angel

Supports Dignity and Independence in Dressing

Buckingham BraAngel review

Getting a bra on with one hand is very difficult without the help of a Bra Angel

The Buckingham Bra Angel

This week we thought we would feature a Bra Angel review. Not to be confused with the The Bra Angel Bra Repair Kit : instant bra repair kit that is a also available, the Buckingham Bra Angel is a gadget to help with putting on a bra with one hand

Dressing and personal care are among the most intimate and private areas in somebody’s life and the need for support in this can be upsetting and cause anxiety. At Living with Disability, we have searched to find a range of products which support individuals with their independence in personal care including the Uriwell Range and the Denham Brush and the latest product we’ve discovered is the Buckingham BraAngel. At the best of times fastening and unfastening bras can be difficult and it can become even more taxing if you live with a disability or injury. Women living with upper limb restrictions including weakness following a stroke, arthritis or permanent damage after trauma can find drawing together the ends of the bra very difficult and then realise they need support getting dressed. The Buckingham Bra Angel can even be used successfully by those who have the use of one arm or have had an amputation.

The Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid

The BraAngel Dressing Aid has been specifically developed with this problem in mind by a trained and experienced occupational therapist. The aid is designed to provide support whether it’s needed for just a short period after a fracture or for longer more permanent usage.
As the image shows the BraAngel holds one end of the bra tightly whilst the other end can be brought around the body and attached to the secure end. As you can see the BraAngel is comfortably positioned around the neck, between the cleavage and comes with a useful soft chin pad to allow you to maintain its position whilst clearly seeing the fastenings so you can easily put on the bra.

The features of the BraAngel cannot be underestimated and as a truly universal design, it should be possible to use it with all different styles and types of bra and all collar sizes. The product is designed to allow for easy discreet storage and should require next to no cleaning as it’s designed with no obvious dirt traps. The product is 100% free of latex allowing those with allergies to use it when necessary and the heart shaped chin pad allows for comfort and extra functionality when securing the device.

Bra Angel Review

instructions for the bra angel

Using the Bra Angel

The Bra Angel has it’s fans and was reviewed recently by the  ‘British Mobility Scooters’ blog who said “The Bra-Angel holds one end of the brassiere securely whilst the other end is brought round the body and attached together. It even enables those who only have the use of one arm to be able to put on their brassiere independently.”

An original, ingenious idea that can give women back their independence and privacy when dressing, the BraAngel is truly an innovation. To purchase your own please visit