Essential Items: The RADAR Key is being relaunched


We now have information regarding the new 2019 RADAR key – The genuine, Gold Standard NKS / RADAR key are manufactured in Britain from solid brass, and the updated key has a great number of accessible features that differentiates itself from cheaper, unreliable Chinese-imports (with red silicone heads).

The new RADAR key is compatible with all 10,000 high-security, 6 lever RADAR locks found on disabled toilets, changing places and accessible routes around the UK.

  • Made from durable, solid brass.
  • Available in two head sizes, including a large head for those with limited dexterity.
  • Octagonal-shaped shaft that can be instantly identified by touch alone.
  • Each key is quality tested by a British master locksmith, to ensure a quality key.
  • Fully rounded nose and smooth finish to avoid sharp edges that could cause cuts or obstructions when inserting into the lock.
  • Embossed with the RADAR logo to assure genuine, dependable quality.
Image shows the two sizes of RADAR key placed flat, lengthways, on a white background

The new, genuine, brass RADAR key.

The new, improved genuine brass RADAR key can be purchased with confidence via our sister website – – the store features all models of our multi award-winning wheelchair tray and bag in one, alongside a plethora of daily living aids such as the RADAR key.


UPDATE! The RED KEY is not a RADAR key!

Just received this email from Tom at RADAR.

The red plastic headed key that you show on  is not a Radar key at all.
It is an inferior Chinese knock off, poorly manufactured, poorly cut and with sharp edges to boot -everything that you would expect of a cheap Chinese knock off.
Despite being refused permission for many good reasons, they shamelessly tried launching it as a Radar key-until they were instantly forced to remove from their showstand, all literature and signage which described it as a Radar key.
Please inform of anyone trying to sell it as a “Radar key”.
The new Radar key is still under development.
Unless it says Radar on it, it isn’t!
Genuine Radar keys genuinely open all the locks.


red covered key with improved grip for RADAR toilets

The Fake Red Plastic-Headed NKS/RADAR key

We still have stocks of the Genuine keys at a market leading price including postage of £4.95

Click below to buy:

Click here for a Small head, easy to carry, official RADAR key, £4.95 inc P & P
Click here for a Large head, easy to turn, official RADAR key £4.95 inc P & P