Essential Items: Ear Defenders for Children with auditory sensitivity

Essential Items: Ear Defenders for Children with auditory sensitivity

Shocking Pink Ear Defenders

At Living with Disability we recognise that some disabilities have several varied symptoms and that everybody living with a disability is an individual and may live with symptoms that others don’t. One of the many symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorders is auditory sensitivity, which basically means that loud sounds can create extreme anxiety or distress. This is particularly common in children and there are a range of other conditions and learning disabilities which also have auditory sensitivity as a symptom. However, there are ways to combat this, most ingeniously with a pair of protective Ear Defenders. As well as protecting your child’s hearing, you’re also making the loud noises prevalent across modern society much less stressful and therefore allowing your child to enjoy a better quality of life.

Ear Defenders provide the perfect answer for children who find loud noises scary, stressful or too much to bear. Fitted with a comfortable padded headband and available in a range of bright welcoming colours, there’s bound to be a pair which works for your child. Most designs are extremely lightweight and can be adjusted to fit children up to 8 years old (or penguin lovers of any age see tweets below!!). As this video clearly explains, there are different reasons and different types of loud noise which affect different individuals and you’ll surely know which ones are relevant to your family:

A pair of Ear Defenders will cut out the majority of noise and extremely comfortable, there should be no concern or worry regarding loud noises becoming a problem or trigger. The range of colours means you should be able to find a pair to suit your child’s personality and preferences. Those who already own a pair are extremely happy with their purchase, especially when they consider that the item  should be long lasting, or until a child reaches around 8 years old. They’re easily adjustable and can really make being out and about a lot easier for someone living with auditory sensitivity. If you’re interested in buying a pair click in the box below:

To see the full range click here ear defenders

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