Essential Items: The Handi Reacher

Essential Items: The Handi Reacher

There are many essential items for your daily life which aid independence and help with all those normal daily tasks that may be a struggle at times. One of these items is the Handi Reacher, a great but simple invention which can help with reaching and grabbing things you may need. This tweeter puts across exactly what their Handi Reacher means to them:

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Handi Reachers come in a range of different lengths and can be used for all manner of things from picking up your glasses when you drop them on the floor, to reaching out of reach books or DVDs. The original Handi Reacher is also designed with a magnetic head which can pick up small metallic items, for example your keys or a knork and you can actually buy dressing hooks to attach to your Reacher if you need an extra helping hand when getting dressed.

A Handi Reacher in action

The jaw of the Handi Reacher is extremely easy to open and close and doesn’t need a huge amount of pressure which is great if you have dexterity problems and it the jaw can also be rotated 360º which stops you from having to turn your wrists which is extremely beneficial if you have a joint condition.

You can use your Handi Reacher in the home, in the garden or even out and about. It’s a versatile and intuitively designed product which is great for helping around the home but can also be great for garden usage. If you want to pick up loose leaves or waste for your yard, you no longer need to ask for help as your Handi Reacher can be your aid.

There are a range of different reacher brands on the market and finding the one which suits your need is a personal decision. This video shows the range of reachers available from one particular brand:

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