Low-tech Lifesavers: The Denham Brush

Low-tech Lifesavers: Denham Brush

We’ve talked previously about how personal care is an extremely important but private element of life which we may require a little extra help with. Previously, we mentioned the hands free toothpaste dispenser and how that could help in your bathroom and today we’re looking at hairbrushes which can be extremely useful when living with a disability.

The Denham Hair Brush

Brushing and styling your hair can be extremely difficult if you have limited dexterity, weak grip or live with a spinal column injury. The Denman Brush isn’t specifically designed for users with disabilities but it is one of those products that can be a great help. As the picture shows, the design of the brush means you don’t have to worry about holding onto an awkward handle or gripping hard as you can slip it onto your wrist and brush your hair easily.

You can slip your hands through it to hold it

There are very, very few brushes like this on the market that you can hold by putting your hand through the gap, rather than holding onto the handle. They are very hard to come by. This make is very good for people who may be tetraplegic or have difficulty gripping a round handle.


Another benefit from this brush is that you can use it to apply shampoo and ensure it reaches all of your hair; its plastic pins are extremely soft and can massage any shampoos and conditioners right into your scalp to guarantee full cleaning. You can even use your brush to style your hair, in terms of adding waxes, gels and other styling products.

Fans of this product are extremely impressed by the softness of the pins, ensuring all tangles are removed without causing any pain and also love how it can be used on the scalp as a massage tool.

If you or someone you know finds it difficult to grip a hairbrush or to find more about this Denham Brush or buy one for yourself,  please click in the box below:

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