Buckingham Easywipe Toilet Aid – help for the toilet

Helping in the bathroom: The Buckingham Easywipe Toilet Aid

We were pleased to see the Buckingham Easywipe featured on ITV’s “This Morning” today, where it got an enthusiastic reception. If you would like to find out more about the Easywipe Toilet aid read on


shows how to use the easywipe bottom wiper in the toilet

The Buckingham Easywipe Instructions

Buckingham Healthcare are a family business with a real knowledge for disability and a genuine desire to create products that help people. The husband and wife, team Simon and Chris have a background in occupational therapy and mental health. One of their most popular products is the Easywipe, a delicate subject but an aid that really helps people who are overweight, have back pain or are of restricted growth.

The Easywipe was born of designer Chris’s experience as a OT and finding that people who had back problems or shorter arms were unable to reach around when in the toilet. This embarrassing problem is not a funny one, and the Easywipe toilet aid is a brilliant aid to cleanliness and dignity.

The Buckingham Easywipe is a patented design and a product that had to be created as there was no real solution to this problem. It’s a new and unique invention which overcomes all the drawbacks found in existing devices and ensures better personal hygiene for those who have difficulty with reaching.

The Buckingham Easywipe was ergonomically designed after significant research and is designed to be functional for anyone with limited dexterity and reach. Both its shape and mechanism are patented and it is able to securely grip toilet tissue and release it cleanly with no problems. It removes the need to touch the paper after use which is a huge development in technology in this field and means your personal hygiene is not compromised.

This product is one of their most innovative and original and the Buckingham Easywipe is designed to ensure ease of use and it is also easy to keep clean with no obvious dirt traps so it requires minimal maintenance.

The Compact Easywipe

Since developing the original Easywipe, they have gone on to further improve the design of this toilet aid also have produced Buckingham Easiwipe Compact Bottom Wiper
which is fully foldable, comes with its own hard carry case and can be kept on your person when out and about discreetly. Reviews for this product are glowing and have consistently received five star ratings with customers describing it as “just what was needed” and “by far the best cleaning aid on the market.

The full range of Buckingham toilet aids, including the Buckingham Easywipe and Compact Easywipe are available from Trabasack.com