Essential Items: Handsfree Toothpaste Dispenser

Essential Items: Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser

Have you ever heard of a hands free toothpaste dispenser? Living with disability can present problems you had never thought possible, with daily tasks that you may have once took for granted or never imagined they would be a problem. Whether you live with a disability yourself or are a parent or carer, you may realise the many difficulties that come in the area of personal care.

An easy to use, accessible hands free toothpaste holder.

Personal care is sensitive area which inventors and retailers are often trying to find ways of adding independence whilst keeping the whole process dignified and respectful to the individual living with a disability. One area of personal care which can prove difficult is cleaning teeth. Although for many, the actual process of cleaning their teeth isn’t the issue, as there are specifically designed toothbrushes for those who need them, but getting the toothpaste from the tube can be a trial. If you have a dexterity or fine motor skills disorder or have weak muscle tone or grip, squeezing a toothpaste tube can be very difficult. Luckily there are a range of Hands Free Toothpaste Dispensers being developed that eliminates this problem completely.

A hands free toothpaste holder stops mess, waste and also makes it much easier to access your toothpaste. One light touch instantly dispenses the amount of toothpaste needed and it’s an extremely easy piece of kit to install and the refill process is also no problem. One of the most popular brands of toothpaste dispense is the Touch N Brush as they were popularly advertised on shopping channels.

Customers of the hands free toothpaste dispenser remark upon its many qualities including its design meaning it blends easily into any bathroom without looking clinical or out of place and it is extremely economical as it uses every last inch of toothpaste, which rarely happens when we regularly squeeze the tube!

Watch this Touch N Brush infomercial from the States to find out more about automatic toothpaste dispensers:

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