Stay Cool – Keep Cool Gadgets & Ideas for keeping down the Temperature

Stay Cool – gadgets and ideas for keeping down the temperature

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Keeping cool and hydrated isn’t always this easy! Photo credit:

Keeping cool in warmer climes can be hard. Humans can regulate their own temperatures but when it’s really hot – we feel it! This can be even more of a problem when living with a disability, particularly one where you’re required to use a wheelchair or spend a lot of time sitting or lying down.

There are plenty of keep cool gadgets and common sense tips which can make getting out and about in the sun less stressful. Below we’ve collated our favourite products and some handy hints to keep in mind.

The Danger of Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

Just looking at the NHS information about these conditions shows how dangerous they can be. They can escalate quickly if not treated immediately. More than anything else they are completely preventable. Heatstroke is the more serious of the two conditions and can lead to severe complications including organ failure. Death is completely possible from severe heatstroke.

There are groups who are particularly at risk from heat stroke and exhaustion and they include the usual suspects such as young children and the elderly but also people who live with conditions which effect the kidneys, heart or circulatory system. Many disabilities make regulating body temperature more difficult and also specific medications such as beta blockers and antipsychotic drugs can make it harder for your body to fight heatstroke and exhaustion. Where these conditions are combined with sunburn, it can be very painful and distressing.

Keep Cool Gadgets and Products

Here we are looking at some of the most useful keep cool gadgets on the market.

Image of plastic helmet hats with holsters on the sides for holding cans of drink.

Click this image for more drinking aids – serious ones!


When it’s super-hot it’s important to stay hydrated and your number one friend here is The Hydrant . Even if you have limited use of your limbs or can’t hold a cup comfortable your Hydrant can be clipped somewhere safe and you can access it through the straw. There are plenty more drinking aids available which we’ve talked about before.


Coolvest - Keep Cool Gadget

Coolvest – Keep your Body Temp Down

There are specially designed items for keeping cool from specially designed scarves which are activated by soaking in water to these innovative Coolvests. Coolvests have been proven to regulate the body temperature which makes independent living easier. Coolvests have also been proven to be particularly beneficial to people living with Multiple Sclerosis who can find warmer temperatures particularly intolerable.

General tips to keep in mind when dressing for hotter weather include keeping an eye on the fit of clothes. Tight fitting clothes will become uncomfortable more quickly. Hats and breathable shoes should also be worn at all times to give air the chance to circulate and to protect your head from the heat. Clothes that are light in colour are also more likely to be comfortable as they naturally deflect the sun’s rays.

Fans and AirCon

Air Con Keep Cool Gadget

Trendy Portable Air Con Systems

One of the most obvious options for keeping cool is through fans and air conditioners. There are a range of different air conditioners and fans on the market including USB Hand Held Air Conditioner and Fans. A personal fan or air conditioner can provide instant relief from the sun’s rays and portable versions can be stored easily in a bag out of the way without being too inconvenient and large.




General Tips for Keeping Cool

The things we discuss below may seem like common sense but a little reminder never hurt anybody and there are a couple of ingenious tips you may not have thought of.

Stay out of the Heat

Image of a brown-haired toddler in a sunny garden, drinking from a cup using a straw

Uniflow straws make drinking easier – click this image for details.

It’s been said time and again – nobody should be out in the sun, if they can help it, when it’s at its hottest. Everyone should try and limit their sun exposure between 10am and 4pm as that’s when it’s most likely to cause harm.

Make Plans

If you plan ahead then you can have an idea of when you’ll be exposed to the sun and when you won’t. A plan also cuts out the unnecessary time spent out in the heat.

Eat Cool

Making the right food choices can help you keep cool. Raw foods including salads and fruit are best. They keep you hydrated and cool.

Avoiding protein heavy foods and meats is also advisable as they can increase metabolic heat production which can lead to loss of water and in extreme cases dehydration.

Ice Up your Trabasack

Ice-Filled Trabasack Cool Down Gadget

Keep Cool with an Ice-Filled Trabasack

Time and again we’ve expressed our belief in the quality of the lap tray bag range produced by Trabasack. With that in mind we’ve even found a fantastic way of using your Trabasack as a cooling device. Fill with ice! Of course we don’t mean just chuck ice cubes inside but a zip-locked bag of ice can be placed alongside the beanbag cushion. It’s great for keeping you cool and if you don’t want to keep it on your lap – why not use it as a cool cushion (as pictured).

Keep Cool, Keep Safe

Keeping cool in the warmer months is completely essential if you want to make it through the summer without excessive trips to the doctors. Other things to remember whilst out in the sun is to ensure you’re covered in high factor sun cream and drink, drink, drink.

Remember to keep an eye on others too, if you have an elderly neighbour it could be a good time to check in on them and ensure they’re managing in the heat too.

Maybe you have a top gadget or way of keeping cool?

Please add your ideas in the comments. 🙂