Essential Items: Liquid Level indicator

Essential Items: Liquid Level indicator

At Living with Disability, we think it’s important to look at the products which assist people with different disabilities. Previously, we looked at Talking Tin Lids, which can be a great aid for anybody with a visual impairment and today, we’re looking more closely at Liquid Level indicators, which can be a huge help and reduce risks in the home.

A Liquid Level Indicator in use

A Liquid Level Indicator is a RNIB approved item which indicates two different levels of liquid via both beeps and vibrations. When the liquid has reached the total limit of the beaker, glass or cup in question, the beeps will speed up and the vibrations will be continuous, informing user that the liquid has reached its limit. This is a really ingenious invention which can help avoid any nasty spills and even potential burns from hot drinks.

The Liquid Level indicator is battery powered and can be attached to any drinking vessel. The prongs which indicate the level will begin to make the sounds and vibrations when they are reached so you can be assured of being in control. It’s safe to be used in the fridge and it’s users and are extremely pleased with how well it works. The design is extremely intuitive and so it makes a great gift for people of any age. Customers are impressed with how user friendly the product is and how it helps eliminate mess and stains from spilled drinks.

This video shows exactly how the product works and exactly how easy it is to use.

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