Ingenious Ideas: Illuminated Magnifiers

Ingenious Ideas: Illuminated Magnifiers

Living with a visual disability shouldn’t mean you miss out on reading your favourite newspapers, books or magazines. If you have impaired vision, there is no reason you can’t benefit from this great product: an illuminated stand magnifier, meaning whatever you need or want to look at can be even further magnified, making it clearer to see.
As well as reading for pleasure, there are many occasions where you might need to be able to read something and it can be frustrating to need other people’s support, with a stand magnifier, you can read your own bills, letters and such like and act on them independently without the need of support from others around you.

Stand Magnifiers: adjustable and illuminated

There are a huge range of magnifiers on the market but the most effective ones are complete with LED lighting and a sturdy adjustable stand of their own, meaning you can use them with ease whatever you want to read. This video shows a particularly popular brand in use:

These models were originally designed for use by crafters and those working with small parts but they have become more popular in the disability sector as people have realised how valuable they can be for those living with visual disabilities. Some models come complete with neck cord rather than a stand and this is just as useful when trying to read or decipher something. They can even be used for completing crosswords and puzzles.

Portable pocket devices

In addition to the larger home models available, you can also get illuminated magnifiers small enough to fit on a key ring, brilliant for when you’re out and about and you might need to check things such as price tickets etc. Rather than asking a shop assistant or fellow shopper for help, you can simply use your magnifier to check out the cost of something yourself.
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