Essential Items: Medication Organisers

When living with disabilities, it’s understandable that many people rely on a range of medications to ensure they can live comfortably and  independently. For some, this can mean a combination of lots of different medications which all need to be taken at the correct time of the day and it can get confusing. Whilst pharmacies can send out your pills in a organised manner, your own medication organiser can be much more useful and make it easier to find the pills you need when you need them.

Vibrating Alert Organisers

There are a huge range of pill organisers  on the market from the very cheap and basic to more advanced designs which hope to help you remember to take your medication as well as keeping it in order. The development of vibrating and alarmed organisers mean you’ll never need to forget another pill and you can always feel safe without having to keep reminding yourself to take your pills when you need them. This video shows one model of vibrating pill box and how it can remind you to take the pills you need:

Discrete and portable

There are many designs like this wallet model, which make your pill organiser look a lot less clinical and easy to carry about your person without feeling like a walking pharmacy. Alternatively, there are a range of brightly coloured pill boxes on the market and if you only rely on a small number of meds, you could consider this luxurious leather pill box available in four sophisticated colours, or this range of cheerful and prettily designed fabric medication boxes with covers.

It may seem like a small thing but it can really make a difference, especially when out and about and needing to remember to take your pills on time. Relying on medication can be a pain so any steps that can be taken to make it less of a chore are welcomed. If you’re interested in finding out more about the range of pill boxes available and also making a purchase click on any of the images below:

Photograph of a weekly pill box with a stylish blue herringbone fabric cover Photograph of a weekly pill box with a plum-colour with white spotty print fabric cover Photograph of a weekly pill box with a classic blue leather cover in a gift box Photograph of a weekly pill box with a pretty William Morris inspired fabric cover