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The Trabasack Wheelchair Lap Tray

The Trabasack Wheelchair Lap Tray

It can be difficult for wheelchair users to find the right bag for their needs, especially if they want to carry a laptop, iPad, or small detachable speech simulator with them. And many of us who use wheelchairs know how frustrating it is to have our movement restricted by a conventional wheelchair tray.

Image shows a photograph of the Trabasack Curve with a cup and an apple on top of the tray surface, on a white background

Ideal for meals, or a quick cuppa on the move!

The Trabasack range of wheelchair lap trays could be just what the situation calls for. Trabasack wheelchair lap trays have one side as tray surface that is firm and flat enough to write and work upon, and underneath a small beanbag sac that helps the trabasack to rest levelly on your knees without adding to the weight. Your Trabasack lap tray is convenient to carry and use on your lap wherever you are and whatever you’re doing: to sign forms in the bank; to rest your cup of coffee; to write notes; or for crafting.

Between the flat and beanbag surfaces of the Trabasack is a securely zipped bag with more than enough space for your daily needs. The Trabasack Curve is large enough for a 14″ laptop or notebook computer – it’s shaped to fit perfectly round the waist, and has no hard corners. The Trabasack Mini is super slim but large enough for iPads and most smaller laptops and notepads, and for A4 documents.

A Trabasack comes with handles and a choice of straps, so as well as a wheelchair lap tray it can be used as a briefcase, a messenger bag, or a shoulder bag. You can machine wash your Trabasack, and of course it comes with a one year guarantee.

Both types of  Trabasack come with a choice of surfaces on the flat side. The standard Trabasack has black leather-style PVC, easy to wipe clean and hardwearing. The Curve has a soft Velcro ready surface: anything with Velcro “hooks” attached will stick to it. So, for instance, you could attach velcro to your phone, remote control, games console, or a child’s toy, and be sure it won’t fall out of reach.

Here is a video testimonial from public speaker, Dr Mark Edworthy, that explains why he finds it useful:

Altogether the Trabasack is that rarest of things: a multipurpose product that really does succeed in all it sets out to do. Very highly recommended!

Low-tech Lifesavers: Folding Walking Sticks

Low-tech lifesavers: Folding Walking Sticks

At Living With Disability we hope to show you a huge range of fantastic and potentially life changing product of both low and high tech design. Sometimes even the simplest thing can make a huge difference and like our heading says whether by accident or design, these things can make your life much easier.

The first thing we’re looking at are folding walking sticks. It seems this simple invention has made a huge difference for many people as this tweet shows:

@ #disabilitygadgets that changed my life: folding up walking sticks for when I'm ok at start of the day but can't walk by the end
McIlwhan Consulting

An attractively patterned folding walking stick

This is just one example of somebody who really rates the folding walking stick and there are many different models on the market to cater to different individuals and needs. As a well established product folding walking sticks can retail for a range of prices and come in a range of different styles and patterns. You will be able to find one which suits your style and like the tweeter above says, they’re great for those who may not initially need the support of a stick but as the day goes on, it becomes necessary. You can simply take your stick out of your bag and support yourself with its help. Additionally, if you’re a wheelchair user, these small folding walking sticks are much more easy to store without taking up too much space.

Switch sticks are one popular brand of folding walking stick and they come in a range of styles and patterns to suit your personal preferences. This video shows exactly how easy their products are to use:

Foldable sticks and canes can be stylish and study

As you can see, they’re extremely simple to use and very popular with their users. Customers love the fact that as well as being completely foldable, these folding walking sticks have several height adjustment levels and are lightweight but sturdy. They provide everything you need from your walking stick including the extra support at the end of a long day.