Low-Tech Lifesavers: Bridgit – The Clever Crutch Holder

This simple little invention is something that may a big difference to people who use crutches and walking aids. People using crutches often need a crutch holder.  How exactly can you comfortably, easily and without too much trouble hold crutches or walking sticks when they’re not in use?

Meet Bridgit – The Clever and Attractive Crutch Clip

A pair of crutches being held together by Bridgit a new walking stick and crutch holder

Bridgit Connecting Two Crutches

A Walking stick resting on the back of a chair being securely held by a crutch holder

Bridgit Securing A Walking Stick to A Chair

Bridgit is a clever little device which solves the problem. Simple and straightforward, Bridgit connects together two crutches or sticks in a stable X shape so they can rested securely against any convenient surface, such as a nearby wall or table. No longer do you have to worry about causing a hazard by lying your sticks on the floor or knocking them accidentally into other people. Also, as an extremely versatile product, Bridgit can even be used with single crutches or stick to hook them securely over backs of chairs or onto hand rails so they’re out of the way but still accessible when you need them. The unnecessary stress of bending and stretching to retrieve your aids can be completely removed.

Suitable for all walking sticks and crutches between 18 and 25mm, you could even use Bridgit with the funky and fashionable foldable sticks we’ve featured previously. The Bridgit Clutch Clip is both affordable and solves a problem. If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to keep your crutches/sticks accessible and within reach but not in anybody else’s way, this is it.

Made of a durable plastic they are lightweight and easy to clip on, as well as being strong and of good quality. Designed by the same team: Such and Such Design, who created the Duo double handed cup holder and the the Strawberi Straw Holder. The prototypes of the Bridgit Crutch Holder were shown to the public at Naidex 2011 and the Mobility Roadshow last year to test public opinion and improve the design.

Grab a Crutch Holder today!

Launched at this year’s Naidex National Convention in May, Bridgit Crutch Holder is a brand new product that is fast gaining fans. If you’re interested in purchasing your own Bridgit, click the boxes below:

Bridgit was also mentioned in a review of products from Such and Such design on the Disability Horizons site:

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The full article is here http://disabilityhorizons.com/2012/11/disability-products-really-useful-things-from-such-and-such-design/


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The simplicity and ease of use of the Bridgit Walking Stick and Crutch holder makes it one of the most popular mobility aids on the market. We’ve found an excellent review that really pinpoints the usefulness of the Bridgit and how it has helped the reviewer:

“So Very Useful” review written by Patricia Farr – Rated Five Stars (February 2013)

The cane holder is such a small, insignificant item – but oh so very useful. Instead of sitting in my wheelchair hanging on to my crutch awkwardly and sometimes dropping it, it is now held securely and I have both hands free.

Image of a black and green Bridgit walking stick holder, holding a walking stick on a banister rail.

Bridgit Walking Stick and Crutch Holder


The Bridgit Crutch and Walking Stick holder is now available to purchase online at Amazon.co.uk. To purchase the Bridgit Stick Holder please click the button below: