Low-Tech Lifesavers: DUO – add an Extra Handle to Your Favourite Cup

Low-Tech Lifesavers: DUO – the Extra Handle

DUO from the design company ‘Really Useful Things’, is an extra handle that fixes securely to your cup or mug, making it easier to hold and protecting you from a hot surface.

At Living with Disability, we always like to showcase new inventions that may be of some help to many of our readers and after the Naidex Convention in May, many new products have come to market and we’re keen to share the most innovative with you. One of these is the DUO, an additional ergonomic handle for glasses and cups, which has been designed to aid stability and safety when drinking. An extremely simple and straightforward design the DUO can make a huge difference to your daily life if it means you can drink safely without fear of spillage or scalds in the case of hot drinks. Designed as an alternative to two handled beakers and plastic cups, you can simply attach the DUO to your favourite mug or glass and off you go.

Enjoy a Hot Drink from your Favourite Cup

Ergonomic DUO attached to a regular mug

With the innovative gadgets and inventions we review here at Living with Disability, you can now enjoy a hot drink safely and securely, using your Breville Hot Cup to pour it safely, a Liquid Level indicator to ensure you don’t spill and then your DUO to aid carrying. The DUO has been purposefully designed to ensure ease of use and that carrying should be no trouble. Both grip and stability are aided by the DUO and you can enjoy your drink more easily without having to be in any discomfort whatsoever. The beauty of the DUO is that it adapts items you already have so you don’t need to buy a new mug or glass, you can simply attach to those you have already. What’s more, the material it’s made from also protects your fingers and hand from the heat of a hot cup. They really have thought of everything.

As a new product on the market, the DUO has appealed to many at trade shows and is gaining in popularity and we completely agree that it really is a valuable invention which solves an age old problem.

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