High-Tech Helpers: Robot Vacuum Cleaners

High-Tech Helpers: Robot Vacuum Cleaners

iRobot Roomba

The advancement of technology continues to speed off at an alarming rate and as each new product is developed, there are new ways that people living with disabilities can gain independence and fulfilment from their lives with less support from others. Now, the development of robotics has been seen more in sci-fi movies and books but it’s not longer a thing of the past, innovative robot vacuum cleaners have been developed and are available for general purchase.
Robot vacuum cleaners are a development which could significantly help those living with disabilities who find the general vacuum cleaner too heavy, too difficult to grip or have problems with bending and stretching. Rather than relying on support from carers or family, a robot vacuum cleaner can do the job for you on its own.

Samsung vs iRobot

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Samsung Navibot

There are two main brands of robot vacuum cleaner on the market and both have their advantages and disadvantages. This video shows in depth which model benefits from which qualities and also their strengths and weaknesses:

As the video shows the iRobot Roomba is the original design, complete with all the features you think you may need in a robot vac but then along comes the Samsung NaviBot.

Now, the Navibot seems to be a newer, more technically advanced and highly developed model but on testing, it’s possible to see how both products have their strengths and how according to CNET the original design is much stronger than the new, apparently more technically advanced development.
The Navibot is fantastic for thorough and in depth cleaning and it’s vision mapping technology means it knows where it’s already been and won’t spin in circles but it does struggle with obstacles. The Roomba may take a little more time to get things done and may keep going over the same spot but the job will get done and the original technology proves to be superior in most instances.
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