Low-Tech Lifesavers: One Handed Scissors

Low-Tech Lifesavers: One Handed Scissors

Using one table top scissors using only one hand

One handed scissors can be pushed down on a level tabletop

Table top or one handed scissors are a great rethink on an everyday item. There are some household items which can be so difficult to use if you have certain disabilities. But ordinary items can be made more easy to use with clever ‘design for all‘ thinking such as these toothpaste tubes and cutlery that have been previously discussed on this site. This is just the beginning, Scissors for example can be very difficult to use if you have poor dexterity, experience tremors or have weakened grip but there is an item available which removes all these problems.

Push-down One Handed Scissors are extremely lightweight and activated by pushing down on the top lever, causing the cutting motion and removing the need to hold the scissors altogether. This product is extremely innovative but also very simple and once you’ve pushed down on the ‘T’ shaped top lever, the scissors’ spring will reopen them automatically when you release it. They can be used on a level surface and are often also caused tabletop scissors.

Whether you need to cut wrapping paper, use them for a crafting hobby or just need kitchen scissors, this product is for you. They are supplied with a blade guard to keep them safe and they can be used for wrapping by keeping the paper flat and manoeuvring the scissors or vice versa. The design is perfect for keeping on your kitchen counter used one handed whenever you need them.

Using one handed scissor on a table top

Table Top Scissors with secure base so that they can be used one handed

There are a range of different models available; some even come with a mounted plastic base to allow for further safety and to keep the product stable. A pair of these scissors removes the annoying difficulty of trying to use conventional scissors or relying on others.

If you’re interested in purchasing some one handed table top scissors click here to see the Peta-UK range available from Trabasack.com