Telestik – Portable Grabber

Telestik Portable Grabber – Guest post from Eleanor Lisney

We spotted this useful and interesting review of a telescopic portable grabber from Eleanor Lisney on twitter. Eleanor runs a market stall boutique on Coventry Market. She sells products that she has personally tried and tested for their usefulness and quality. If you are ever that way, please say hello to her. She is very friendly person who knows a thing or too about disability!

Here we are pleased to guest post Eleanors review of the Telestik:

Eleanor runs a Living Aid Boutique Stall at Coventry Market, pop by and say Hi!

“I am always excited when new stock arrive. Today is no exception, Mr G’s Batty sock and stocking aid arrived (he wanted something to help him put on his socks) and Mrs C’s foam handle for the knork as well. However I have also ordered some telestiks. I’ve never seen anybody with them before. I originally look them up for Donna because her mobile kept falling on the floor and it was difficult to get it up again. But they look so useful I had no hesitation in opening one up  for myself.




I had great fun trying it out on picking up keys. credit cards, pieces of paper. But best of all I could put it on a strap accessory and hang it on my wheelchair along with my brolly. Now I know that when I am out I won’t have to worry if I drop things when I am on my own. I wished I had it with me the other day when I dropped a pound coin but there was no one around for me to ask for help. My grabber is a bit too unwieldy to carry around on my wheelchair.


this is what the manufacturers say –


TeleStik® is the newly designed portable reacher that does what the others don’t. TeleStik® allows you to retrieve hard-to-reach items without requiring significant grip strength or dexterity. And it gets in tighter places than other reachers because of its sleek design and clever sticking mechanisms.

If you suffer from arthritiscarpal tunnel syndrome, or any other condition that makes it difficult to operate a traditional reacherTeleStik® is your answer.

For those tight squeezes, like behind the desk where there’s no room to open and close a claw, TeleStik® will fish your telephone or computer line, where the others can’t.


Here is the video which I found interesting because I’ve not seen anyone with one here before.





It says that it’s for people who cannot use ordinary grabbers but I am beginning to love mine and I am already thinking up new uses for it and its going everywhere with me!”

This type of  Telestik portable grabber looks much better than the handi reacher that we reviewed a few months back. It looks very easy to use and the range of attachments increases it’s versatility. It is available from Eleanors Coventry Market stall but also on Amazon for those of us that cannot easily visit Coventry Market!