Betterware Jar and Bottle Opener Aid

Have you ever struggled to open a jar or bottle? I know I have, particularly as my hands have become weaker. Manufacturers use special machinery to tighten the jars. That makes them airtight, but also gives us huge problems accessing that jar of coffee, jam or pickled onions. If only we could get a better grip…

That’s why I was so delighted to discover the Betterware Jar and Bottle Opener Aid. No more running lids under hot water; no more banging them on the edge of the worktop; no more sore hands! The Opener Aid’s textured rubber surface grips the lid and is easy to hold, while its conical shape means it fits any size of jar or large bottle.

Betterware Jar and Bottle Opener Aid shown with a jar of jam and the rubber cap

Betterware Jar opener uses a rubber cap to make gripping easier

It’s also remarkably simple to use. Just hold the lid as normal, but with the Jar and Bottle Opener Aid already in your hand. The extra grip it gives you means you will find it far easier to open the jar.

It even helps with jars far bigger than its own size. Get a grip on one part of the lid, and the rest will follow!

Other uses

This blog recently looked at the Baby Boa Constrictor Jar and Bottle opener, but I prefer this one from Betterware, because it isn’t just useful for jars. You can also use it to turn on taps, or even to change bulbs in hard-to-reach places or that are “sticking” and difficult to remove. This Aid will become an essential tool in your home. I don’t know how I managed without mine!


Reviewers give this item great feedback. One says it works so well, and is delighted with her purchase. She is also pleased with the fast, cheap delivery. Another describes it as a “Super gripping device”. He has found it to work well on a variety of items including a difficult (small area to grip) oven bulb.

If you’d like to get find out more or buy a jar and bottle opener aid, please checkout the Buckingham Twister Jar Opener available from