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Ingenious Ideas: Ceramic Coffee Cups

Ingenious Ideas: Ceramic Coffee Cups


Ceramic coffee cups are a safer alternative to the disposable cups from coffee houses and takeaways. They have better lids are cooler and easier to hold. They reduce waste and are eco friendly too!

Novelty Cow Design

Marketed as the eco cup, these new ceramic coffee cups, that mimic the paper cups you maty have bought from your favourite high sreet coffee chain have many advantages over your normal mug for hot drinks. Aside from the huge range of designs available, the ceramic coffee cups come with a silicone lid meaning your drink stays hotter for longer and it also makes spills and the risk of scalds less likely. This product is fantastic for anybody who lives with tremors or spasms and has found it difficult in the past to manage hot drinks safely. Maybe one with a handle or grips would be even more of an improvement, we will keep our eyes open. An added bonus is that many coffee shops will also agree to put your shop bought drink in your own ceramic mug, so you’re saving the environment too.

Huge range of colours and patterns

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee from your Ceramic Cup

At Living with Disability we have looked in the past at items for your kitchen such as the handy Knork and the life-changing Breville Hot Cup and today is the turn of these fashionable, on-trend ceramic coffee cups. These double walled cups mean that your hot drink stays nice and warm but your hands don’t get burned and they can also be bought with an extra silicone sleeve, to make gripping easier and drinking hot drinks a litle safer. There are many designs and styles for every taste, with the brand Sagaformbeing at the forefront for choice and individuality and many more interesting designs exist including this cutesy design for tea lovers and the this one emblazoned with the infamous Keep Calm and Carry On slogan. These are just a couple of examples and there is bound to be one in the vast range to suit your tastes and keep your hot drinks as warm as you like.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the great range of different ceramic cups available, click on the box below:

An alternative to the this sort of cup for people with disabilities is to use something like the Duo, which clips onto your favourite cup to give it two handles. We reviewed the DUO cup handle here.

Ingenious Ideas: Page Holders

Page Holders, useful for any book

Some things are of benefit to everybody and a cookbook page holderis one of these items. A product which can be used to ensure that you can stay on the right page of your book and give your hands and arms a rest. It’s even more useful if you live with a disability which results in weak grip or difficult manipulating small things due to a motor skills problem.

Hands free and user friendly

With a cookbook page holder originally designed for heavy cookbooks so that you can get on with your cooking without worrying about dirtying your favourite cookbook, losing your page or forgetting an ingredient. With a simple glance at the page, you can check where you’re up to and continue whipping up your scrummy delights. There are a range of different types of page holder available and the price range also changes depending on the brand you opt for. You can find them as cheap at £5 but you’d probably only get a short shelf life out of them so if you’re a keen cook, it is worth investing a little more cash. When you’re preparing a meal with your latest Knork cutlery, you can be safe in the knowledge you’ve followed the recipe correctly thanks to your handy page holder.

Don’t just listen to us, listen to the customers

Fans of the product are extremely complimentary about its simplicity and how easy it is to use. It’s hard to believe something as simple as a piece of wire or metal strip can be so useful but it seems it really can. However some page holders have been praised for their stylish designs and ergonomic shape.  Others have said how useful this product can be if you live with arthritis or chronic pain as there’s no need to lift or move your weighty tome of a cookbook or indeed use for any book. You can let the page holder keep the page open while your hands rest. Have a look at this video to see how one brand of cookbook page holder works:

To find out more and buy your own cookbook page holder simply click in the box below:

Essential Items: Liquid Level indicator

Essential Items: Liquid Level indicator

At Living with Disability, we think it’s important to look at the products which assist people with different disabilities. Previously, we looked at Talking Tin Lids, which can be a great aid for anybody with a visual impairment and today, we’re looking more closely at Liquid Level indicators, which can be a huge help and reduce risks in the home.

A Liquid Level Indicator in use

A Liquid Level Indicator is a RNIB approved item which indicates two different levels of liquid via both beeps and vibrations. When the liquid has reached the total limit of the beaker, glass or cup in question, the beeps will speed up and the vibrations will be continuous, informing user that the liquid has reached its limit. This is a really ingenious invention which can help avoid any nasty spills and even potential burns from hot drinks.

The Liquid Level indicator is battery powered and can be attached to any drinking vessel. The prongs which indicate the level will begin to make the sounds and vibrations when they are reached so you can be assured of being in control. It’s safe to be used in the fridge and it’s users and are extremely pleased with how well it works. The design is extremely intuitive and so it makes a great gift for people of any age. Customers are impressed with how user friendly the product is and how it helps eliminate mess and stains from spilled drinks.

This video shows exactly how the product works and exactly how easy it is to use.

If you’re interested in purchasing a liquid level indicator for yourself or for a friend simply click in the box below: